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Interested in finding like-minded friends in SE Portland 🌍 [...]

Portland, Oregon
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Interested in finding like-minded friends in SE Portland 🌍
Let's come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! <3
Join us in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
We are using 3 unique GUIDED MEDITATIONS in an online chat system called TinyChat which also supports CAMMING.

Please join us today, and every Sunday, at:
- 13:00pm EST (19:00pm CET) for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation, which is done DAILY as well!
- 14:00pm EST (20:00pm CET) for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement's Weekly Meditation
We also host DAILY MEDITATIONS for Europe/Syria and provide everyone the opportunity to be infused by the CINTAMANI energy <3

Web location:…
Skype channel: skype:?chat&blob=w9gtxtSbIwKFRypZfPiGB0EEN_qN9x2AFVX-QIFDOzBzWIuiT0AgkXNsIcLka6PjZn0WdkqDqIQt2A

<3 <3
Sunday 13 December 2015, 18:30:17
11 am Sundays is a wonderful start!
Monday 14 December 2015, 20:36:43
Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of the Aquarian Age. I go on Thursdays.
Monday 8 February 2016, 21:34:03
11:00 am Sundays - is when the meditation for global change occurs.
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:38:37
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