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Hey All,have been thinking for a while now that it's [...]

Ferndale, Western Australia
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Hey All,have been thinking for a while now that it's an extremely difficult task to try and awaken someone.I've got friends that I've known for 20 years and find that I have to "tip toe" around questions like the Muslim problem,and general information that awakened people already know!I've come to the conclusion that "They" have to awaken on there own accord,and all I can do is offer my version and knowledge to the "truth" on current world events.Its all a battle of words,and trust the truth warriors will prevail to awaken the desired masses,cheers
It's really frustrating , I know , it's a life changer to be awakened to the truth of what's going on , some people can't or won't be told or are able to handle it , especially if you point things out to your own family, etc , that's a bummer
Saturday 12 December 2015, 12:48:22
Yeah I hear you!Its almost like we've gotta create a i
"diots guide to truth" or something ,it's a real headf.....
Saturday 12 December 2015, 12:57:23
There is a YouTube video 'illuminati for dummies' I think max did it, that's quite good for starters and not too long and deep, if they are interested they will investigate for themselves and delve down the rabbit hole💁
Saturday 12 December 2015, 13:05:44
They will only think you crazy . Let them come to you . PS I've been taken ..Now that feeling you have for all I say now is how your friends feel about your truth . pps really I was
Saturday 12 December 2015, 14:37:43
Saturday 12 December 2015, 14:41:16
Try telling someone you have been taken by aliens ...its the same look as when you explain about the elite , banking con etc . That's how you need to think of explaining the truth as you see it . Slowly and carefully
Saturday 12 December 2015, 14:46:57
Saturday 12 December 2015, 16:18:18
Thanks for that article,I've heard about the "100th monkey"but never looked into it,very inspirational,interesting
Saturday 12 December 2015, 23:59:46
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