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Incontravertible- New Tony Rooke doco I am probably preaching to the [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
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Incontravertible- New Tony Rooke doco

I am probably preaching to the converted here, but this new doco by Tony Rooke is the most profound telling of the hidden events surrounding the 9 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001. The focus points of the documentary and ones to look out for are"-

The collapsing of the Salomon Brothers building by controlled demolition (Ie. WTC7)

Put Option trading or betting more specifically on a downward valuation of shares in Amercian Airlines and United Airlines prior to the incident.

Many Many testimonies and laments from ex military, ex police, ex judges, scientists and financial market experts attesting to the suspicious events before and after the attacks

Other important things to look for in this documentary are references to past false flags undertaken by world powers to forward some sort of political or military agenda, like the Northwood Project presented to President JFK in the 1960's prior to his death, which proposed several small military campaigns on American soil by its own covert forces, then to blame Cuba for the attacks thereby creating a basis for an outright military invasion of Cuba. Well that never happened because JFK said no, I will not allow that to occur on my watch.

His fate was sealed as a result of his refusal to go along with such a traitorous project against his own people.

Anyway, please pass this documentary far and wide among your own circles as in my view even the staunchest critic of the 'conspiracy theorist" will find this documentary very compelling.

Cheers and much love
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