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"The WWII detonations we had already set off were causing [...]

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hessen
via Prepare For Change
"The WWII detonations we had already set off were causing reverberations throughout the solar system and beyond, reverberations that we didn’t understand because our knowledge of the inner workings of cosmos is so very primitive.

But no! Our leaders were afraid to give up their nuclear toys, which they felt were their only defense against civilizations so very advanced beyond ours. Then other less benevolent groups of ETs approached our world leaders with promises of technologies and no need to give up nuclear power and weapons. All they wanted in return was a few abductions, so they could study us as a species in the vast universe full of a variety of species. But the technology they gave us was a Trojan Horse of toxic effects that spread its poisons all over the planet, till we are now at the breaking point with the biosphere collapsing and methane release threatening. And as for the abductions, they kept increasing as samples of our blood and endocrine glands made it possible for the ETs to create hybrids that looked like us, and could infiltrate the corporations, government, and our communities; and our blood cells could be altered and degraded thereby changing our DNA to render us malleable, subservient and sick."
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