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Aleppo, Aleppo Governorate
via Prepare For Change
Wah! Not to miss. A BIG "THANK YOU" Rosa de Venus.
Monday 7 December 2015, 23:10:33
Monday 7 December 2015, 23:12:16
I am ready. We are ready, 3,566 going 7B+....
Monday 7 December 2015, 23:12:27
[deleted user]
Thank You Rosa!! <3
Tuesday 8 December 2015, 07:36:37
Very cool video thank you! Is that [email protected] ? could not read it so clearly
Tuesday 8 December 2015, 12:07:36
Rosa de Vénus
Dear Ones, You're All Welcome! Love for You All. <3
Tuesday 8 December 2015, 18:03:57
Hi Astrolaib, it is '[email protected]' Heart-warming... I also started a "The Lovers" section if you feel guided to join It is going to be an infinite section as the heart has no bottom we find out...
Tuesday 8 December 2015, 19:07:28
Nice to know, thank you <3
Tuesday 8 December 2015, 21:15:50
Pascal A
So it's name: "............" Section :"The Lovers" sent to [email protected] ?
Wednesday 9 December 2015, 01:06:17
They invite you to select a group that resonates with you or make-up one of your own. "The Lovers" is the one I made-up because Ican do many other things but to love is what Ido best.
Wednesday 9 December 2015, 03:56:25
You can read the details below the video...
Wednesday 9 December 2015, 03:57:09
[deleted user]
Yes Love is the answer I Love You :)
Wednesday 9 December 2015, 08:17:24
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