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Currumbin Valley, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
Thanks Max , hope your feeling better x
Saturday 5 December 2015, 12:44:38
Thank you Max,wise words and little time to ponder over them...on the positive side I`ve noticed recently that less people take the piss and argue that I`m a naive nutjob but are more inclined to listen to the "alternative view" `cos they`re realizing that it`s coming to a head and they`ve been fed a crock of lies for long`s finally becoming obvious even to those who "just don`t want to go there " that they need to do some research for themselves.I do my best to get at least one person to do some critical thinking and look for themselves whenever I go out of these four walls. Thanks again brother,much love.
Saturday 5 December 2015, 12:45:00
[deleted user]
A true inspiration, thank you Max.
Saturday 5 December 2015, 16:44:04
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