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Found this in a book I picked up; 'The project [...]

Liverpool, New South Wales
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Found this in a book I picked up; 'The project assignment is that each new cell (circle member) continues to divide (or multiply) . How exactly is it going to work? The first meets with two. Then each meets again with two others, then each again meets again with two others until there are 7. (3 plus 2 equals 5 plus 2 equals 7.) Then that group meets and the 4 additions split and create their own 7. Now the originals at that point can again begin a new circle.' - Just thought I would share that, it's from a book called 'Handbook of the new Paradigm'. Free online to download and re-produce. A good read too..
Thursday 3 December 2015, 09:49:42
Mat Dowle
Thanks Jason - interesting idea - you've got me thinking now ;)
Thursday 3 December 2015, 11:50:37
jason m
Cheers Mat. I was thinking if we all form circles of 7 within the fullcircleproject then start new circles by introducing people that are not on this forum but are interested enough in the information to get together and be included. Ultimately we can all start getting to know each other on a personal level and eventually come together as a larger group. With new additions!
Friday 4 December 2015, 06:38:38
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