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Just heard the radio news, Cameron now trying to get [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
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Just heard the radio news, Cameron now trying to get the female section of our country behind his fight with Syria, calling them rapists of women these terrorist Muslims , I mean how bloody desperate is this excuse of a human WTF!
[deleted user]
Says CaMORON, who is desperately trying to cover up child abuse cases against the pedoelite. The guy is a hypocrite and I am being extremely kind to the hog shagger.
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 17:25:18
You know I was only thinking the same yesterday Alex, bit of a coincidence don't you think,
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 17:38:37
[deleted user]
Indeed it is Gaynor. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing/hearing this muppet and I really can't decide who I despise more, him or blair. What are your thoughts about Corbyn? I personaly think he means well, but I don't trust him by association.
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 18:00:47
Same same, it's sad that we have lost so much faith in our government, that we trust NOBODY 😟
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 18:12:52
[deleted user]
I've never had faith in the government since the day I could understand their double speak.
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 18:46:26
that is him, divide and rule in your face I remember in the last parliament how he spoke of the disabled and unemployed and their curtains shut as others went to work, he is a B
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 18:55:33
True, and what goes around will come to them all eventually , I had a thought about us getting them all assessed by their personal financial status, if they can afford to have a car, etc let them drive to wherever they go out their own pocket , A girl can dream💁 I mean he's even
got a fu***** plane
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 19:08:10
that is the only thing that keeps me sane, "what goes around comes around" not that I would in my more lucid moments wish harm on anyone Gaynor
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 19:26:53
I'm thinking the decision will come through on Friday about Syria they always do that to piss off our weekends, probably some numerology significance also, but hopefully we may have made a small difference my friends xx
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 19:30:19
hope is the last bastion we have
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 19:35:56
ruled by fear
Thursday 3 December 2015, 00:19:25
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