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Idea of the Day I have often thought about having a [...]

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Idea of the Day

I have often thought about having a T-shirt printed with what I want to say on it. Great for the summer in Britain I reckon Here goes and I have others.

Front. I'm Awake
Back. If You Are Awake Lets Chat

Front. Picture of a plane & chemtrail
Back. Not Sure What It Is? Just Look Up - includes faded chemtrail picture

Any other takers?
Go the whole Hog Master and wear a sandwich board
Monday 29 May 2017, 16:49:18
No complete nutter springs to mind Billy. I don't want to go down in history as that However...
Monday 29 May 2017, 16:52:22
Funny Billy, good idea PP
Monday 29 May 2017, 18:21:58
[deleted user]
how about a fcp t-shirt ?
front: logo and website
Back: "A warrior does the right thing in the face of obstacles and opposition.
A warrior feels compassion for the life they protect, and it is love, not hate, which motivates them.
A warrior knows they make others uncomfortable in times of peace, yet are welcomed in times of conflict."
what you think?
Thursday 1 June 2017, 00:13:24
Good idea. They could even be sold from the site. Money earner for the site as well.
Thursday 1 June 2017, 07:24:22
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