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Another enjoyable day out in sunny London [...]

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Another enjoyable day out in sunny London…
Sunday 28 May 2017, 18:45:13
I watched this this morning and all I could see were two pine cones. So I went to look up were they were. They are at the entrance to Lambeth Bridge and has Lambeth Palace very close by. So I checked up on Lambeth Palace and lo and behold it's home to The Archbishop of Cantebury = figures. Pine cones are worshipped in the Vatican. I hope Swilliamism does one one this. P.S. Andrew Neil makes me sick but I think he did not do well in this interview.…
Sunday 28 May 2017, 18:51:00
Pine cones = pineal gland I heard,
Cannot put my self through the viewing of these presstitutes , I feel my blood pressure rise, so I don't allow it to happen
I used to watch question time years ago, and was very close to putting my crocs through the screen 📺 and usually ended up rowing with hubby before going to bed, so again, i switched off from tv completely
Only watch odd hour if there is something un depressing on, or watch DVD comedies, they really put you in a good vibe!
Or read voraciously...…
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:01:13
Basically same here Gaynor. I was looking into the pineal gland last month and posted one or two posts on it. I'm sure this pineal gland is linked to stuff westwynd puts out like that nature one the other day.
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:04:01
I think they have placed this camera view to stick two fingures up as us. I stick two fingures up at BBC mind control. No more.
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:06:25
Sorry good link by the way thanks
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:07:36
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:15:51
Just put a post up about pinecones.
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:20:37
They're coming to take me away de da! ,,,just think PP, if we where having this conversation with asleep people over hearing us, straight jackets would be deployed 🤣
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:24:50
Just use plausible deniability works everytime
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:27:34
Nice one💡!
Sunday 28 May 2017, 19:41:11
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