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To add to the post Lula put up concerning the [...]

Peterborough, Peterborough
via The Full Circle Project
To add to the post Lula put up concerning the Geoengineering act 2017 45 mins
You're burning midnight oil, contributing to global warming.
Sunday 28 May 2017, 02:08:08
Its OK Didge its smokeless fuel I am burning
Sunday 28 May 2017, 02:09:23
Chemtrails got really bad in the last few months here. I thought chemtrails were just over big cities but I was wrong
Sunday 28 May 2017, 02:13:37
I was visiting a friend last week, there place is only 35 miles away and the sky looked like a Snakes and Ladders board
Sunday 28 May 2017, 08:26:17
Sunday 28 May 2017, 09:52:22
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