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I constantly wonder who around me is awake to the [...]

New York, New York
via The Full Circle Project
I constantly wonder who around me is awake to the truth. I would love to talk to other people regarding our slavery and ways to beat the cabal. On Facebook I get frustrated to see how many of my friends are still sheeple.
I am lonely in my finding others with whom I can speak freely about our spiritual explosion.
Saturday 20 June 2015, 23:20:58
Welcome, you should find voices on this site that resonate. If you haven't visited Zen Gardener's web site yet, his is a positive and empowering one and seems to attract seeking souls. As I mentioned on a previous post I'm suing the STATE and trying to get them to release all my accounts for which they are trustees( I don't trustee them any more). There is one called the Cestra Que Trust that has the potential of sharing our wealth equally. Be of good heart, there are many of us and many more joining daily the call to create a reality based on joy and love instead of greed and fear. Don't forget to set the above bar to global to see all contributions. Love and Peace.
Sunday 21 June 2015, 08:44:25
Mindful in Texas
Indeed, we awaken and gather into a powerful Force of Truth that the demented establishment rulers can not even begin to reckon with. The decivers of the individual reality in world will have no where to hide the lies build to distroy and deceive the a mind blinded humanity. They are the fearful ones now.
Thankful that eyes are opening at last.
Sunday 21 June 2015, 14:25:39
Gary H
Following the powers-that-be leads people into absurd and contradictory positions and they'll just stay all twisted like that rather than question what the bosses tell them. Deep in their hearts they know its wrong, so sometimes when you question them they get really upset.
Sunday 21 June 2015, 19:17:19
I agree Lobart. I see the majority of my friends on FB still deep asleep while hoping their denial will give them some sense of security? Denail that we're enslaved simply perpetuates that problem. Yet, when we try to break free from the Corporation, it feels like we're looked at as freaks. I'm educating myself every day to acquire as much proper knowledge I can to rescind myself, the proper and legal way. In do so, it's not just knowledge I feel I need. I also feel that corresponding with people on the same path is vital. We need a support structure. That's why I'm here.
Wednesday 24 June 2015, 16:09:19
Wednesday 24 June 2015, 16:09:59
You mean redeeming the strawman? Maritime law, birth certificates as collateral and all of that. Most people don't know how our legal system is supposed to work theory, much less how it actually works. I have much to learn. Then you need a lawyer.
Friday 26 June 2015, 03:05:52
Become knowledgeable as much as you can on your own. A great many lawyers won't walk this far down the road to help us with our freedom. If they did, they wouldn't have much of a job left. They are bread to be servants to the courts. And as many may know, our judicial system has been hijacked by admiralty/maritime law (in other words - pirates). So, lawyers are in service to the opposing side.
Saturday 27 June 2015, 19:41:52
Saturday 27 June 2015, 19:41:53
Perhaps these links might help some of you as much as it has helped me. John Harris - It's all an illusion. Winston Shrout - Intro to Exo Commerce
Saturday 27 June 2015, 19:44:13
[deleted user]
I am visiting a friend in manhattan
in november, maybe we could have coffee?
Sunday 18 October 2015, 06:07:04
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