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If you get and understand this...we'll talk. :-) They over did [...]

Lombard, Illinois
via The Full Circle Project
If you get and understand this...we'll talk.
They over did it, and too many caught on so they switched strategy to measles at Disneyland. Then back to Flu, then forced vaxx because none of their BS was working so they decide to force vaxx at gunpoint and steal your children if do not comply. Now call out special forces to surround us and a full out assault and war, and TPP Corporate dictatorship with made up fake laws to impose Global Totalitarianism... oh boy they are like bratty children that cannot have their way so they kill everyone and play act scenarios and use their media actors to instill fear into us and justify their insanity. The Syria play acting from 2013 didn't work so they invented ISIS... it never ends this total BULL SHIT. Con artist actors in suits and royal costumes. It over, everybody with more than two brain cells still in operation know and it's GLOBAL. These Royal Families, Bankster Families are con artists in suits and costumes and silly rituals and cerimonies...they are OBSOLETE... it's down to THEM or HUMANITY itself... very easy choice. The scum floated to the top, its time to skim it off and discard them. Period. Join together in this no matter what.
Thursday 18 June 2015, 12:30:41
We are all human and the greedy ones can only hold power as long as the individual allows themselves to be subjugated.. Refuse to participate in anything that is not conscious and loving. "If you love your enemy, you won't have any" Doesn't mean you can't act, just act lovingly...
Saturday 20 June 2015, 10:01:18
Mindful in Texas
I absolutely agree with your perspective. Now, any ideas on awakening the the unaware sleeping zombies?
Sunday 21 June 2015, 14:06:40
I'm in Chicago. Seeing as I don't see a way to "add people" or "make connectionh lists" or anything like that, I'll just leave my social media info.
Sunday 12 July 2015, 04:46:59
I've been looking for more local people who actually listen to Max Igan and understand whats going on.
Sunday 12 July 2015, 04:47:16
Sunday 12 July 2015, 04:47:36
I am curious to see who else in Chicago is waking up and isn't a brain washed zombie! And who actually wants to create positive change instead of bickering and bitching and creating division like the so-called Truthers do.
Sunday 12 July 2015, 04:49:13
Sunday 12 July 2015, 04:49:14
Has anybody noticed since I originally posted above, the psychos that shouldn't be went into psycho over-drive...a quickening of sorts, sloppy, reckless force along NWO dictatorship? Did anyone slide back into the political trap set, the scripted circus which was the 2016 elections? "Making America Great Again", "Draining the swamp" PR Slogans? It's disheartening, and tragic for those that back-slid... humanity rotted just a little more and debased itself... kudos to those that were awake, aware and did not get sucked into the sewer. All the best.
Thursday 2 February 2017, 00:20:19
And do i have to say?... no i am not dumb enough to have voted for or worship ANY of the actors put up on the stage to choose from by the Rothschilds and associated inbreds that engineer the wars all "sides" perceived, put on the "Democracy" stage shows, have declared war upon ALL humanity, duping through controlled propaganda on the media they own and control, to induce populations to willingly build hate, dehumanize whom the lie box and their on-line limited hang-outs subliminally dictate to war each other, let rivers of blood, famine, misery by the compartmentalized suicidal hands of humanity to do itself in, while the oligarchy inbred psychos sit back in their castles and toast champagne and laugh at the grande con they perpetrated upon all humanity fulfilling their protocols and agenda stages. They got their planet, not let open blood ritual sacrifices, burnt offerings, rape, murder, enslavement be under their so-called King Messiah they dreamed up hundreds of years ago. Georgia Guide-stones, Noahhide Laws, Talmudic Laws, The Zohar... in the "New Age"... "Do what thou wilt"...forever to the bred chattle ... if humanity does not wise up... there may never ever be a chance for a civilization again. Please kick the awakening into over-drive please.
Thursday 2 February 2017, 00:33:58
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