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I'm in the Tulsa, OK area and we have a [...]

Skiatook, Oklahoma
via The Freedom Cell Network
I'm in the Tulsa, OK area and we have a few people in the network. Always looking to connect with more. We often meet on Saturday mornings for coffee and chat. If interested, please let me know and I'll keep you posted. Also, this Thursday, May 4th, a group I'm involved in called Liberty on Tap will be celebrating it's fourth year. We meet once a month and our topics vary greatly from political to apolitical. We have a very diverse group that spans from politically active people to anarchists/voluntaryists. Our conversations can get quite lively though fun. I can give more details on that as well. I am also facilitating The Decentralize Your Life Tour in Tulsa for August. I'll share more details as we firm up venue location and time.
Lisa LiveFree
Join the NE Oklahoma Cell
Friday 18 August 2017, 00:09:56
Kim S
Hey! I made it. time to get familiarized. Ty so much for hosting and getting things going in our area!!
Friday 18 August 2017, 09:25:28
Lisa LiveFree
Glad you did! Welcome. And it was my pleasure. <3
Thursday 24 August 2017, 00:19:30
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