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I am one of the organizer of the OpenMind Conference [...]

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I am one of the organizer of the OpenMind Conference in Denmark. The only woman. I would like to make women more visible in the alternative media, World. I miss them terribly in some way. I want to connect with other women in order to rise our voice. Many women are hiding behind the scene. I know there are many who Work hard to try to make a difference. The feminine energy needs another voice in order to connect women toward the challenges we are facing. How can I make my Fellow sisters understand that now it is the time to rise their voice?
Hi carol.. I am almost 63 and am one of the last men to experience a family that was sort of tradition. my wife and I were a couple and we feed off each other and it was realy good we as a pair were out in front of so much in consciousness raising all the way back in the mid 70s on.. Early on I concentraing on my specialzed skils and she sort of made the trains run on time and that was 1 plus 1 equals more than 2. That started to fray in the 90s when she and I stated to become competitive rather than cooperative. Sad.. i hope to see a time when the COUPLE is the star and not a gender.
Monday 15 June 2015, 15:41:44
BTW THE CHAT BOX MAKES IT HARD TO EDIT.. LOL. As you can see I need to be able to do that.
Monday 15 June 2015, 15:43:33
There was a huge diminished potential for both of us after the divorce in 2001.
Monday 15 June 2015, 15:58:37
Mikael Cromsjo
@Carol Women are hard to find still in this field. That needs to change. My wife is very aware and you can connect with her. You can see her in our videos on and her email is [email protected]
Monday 15 June 2015, 22:39:02
Hi Carol, if you truely believe on what you want to do and it is for the good of the very nature that create all things..ask and you will be patient...awakened women are around...keep up the good work..
Tuesday 16 June 2015, 03:48:11
Mindful in Texas
Also in America I believe I only know of one other woman who is open and outspoken about the truth movement in my local community. It is a lonely place. Perhaps together, as women, we can unite across the world. Perhaps to help inspire one another, with creative ideas, suggestions or perspective. That would work to help us to become an encouragement while assisting other women in their awakening education. Any thoughts?
Sunday 21 June 2015, 15:00:48
Indeed unite! Making a festival? encouraging womensomehow? sharing with our men?
Wednesday 24 June 2015, 21:38:28
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