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Group meditation! We had such a good time last time we're [...]

Jersey City, New Jersey
via The Full Circle Project
Group meditation!
We had such a good time last time we're doing another group meditation this Saturday. I'd like to share an idea: could we ask each other and our elder siblings in the multiverse to help us have the serenity, strength, courage and compassion to accept truths we have denied and to let go of the various cons and hoaxes we've gone along with, (often without even knowing it.) 11 PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday June 13. That is 10 PM Central Time on Saturday night, 9 PM Mountain, 8 PM Pacific.
For those of you not in these time zones, it will be Greenwich Mean Time: Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 02:00:00 GMT
Someone asked how long it should be. I think it depends on how you like to operate. If you like to meditate for a long time, that's great, but if you can't or are at work or out at a fabulous party, you could still tune in for a few seconds by imagining the group all being with you in your spirit.
A great idea. I will be hiking on the Appalachian Trail but will tune in!
Thursday 11 June 2015, 18:41:59
its great tou guys. wishing more will join!
Friday 12 June 2015, 01:32:11
Gary H
One hour and three minutes from now! Ms. Endless I bet more will join but won't say so. I also have a big crew joining in from other networks.
Sunday 14 June 2015, 02:58:14
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