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One important points to understand is the method of organization [...]

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One important points to understand is the method of organization that we recommend you to use. We need to work together in groups to empower each other and get the support we need. I recommend you to work in small groups of no more than five people. We have been experimenting with different group sizes and found that 5 people works very well.

To have a larger group creates group behaviors where divide and conquer, conflicts and other problems start to emerge.

Once you have a circle you can start by identifying the most important problems, the causes, your vision/goal, and create a plan of what you can do in your circle. Then you can post your ideas here and also post the results of your action, to inspire other people.

Another key is to always stay on target. Focus on the most important 20%. Everything else will have to wait. We call this 80% of less important issues "rabbit holes". You can try to see how deep they go, but you will probably find that there is no end to it, and when you find your way back, you will realize that your time could have been spent on more important things.

I have developed the UA strategies that can be found at Some of the ideas in UA will be incorporated into the FCP, but I recommend everyone to study them in detail.

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