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There will soon be more information on how you can [...]

Västra Götalands län
via The Full Circle Project
There will soon be more information on how you can create circles, and how to work in your circles. For now you can see videos explaining this on
Just watched your intro vid, it is really posative, thanks!
Wednesday 3 June 2015, 17:26:40
Gary H
Five person groups, bottom-up structure, sounds organic and decentralized!
Wednesday 3 June 2015, 21:21:18
Mikael Cromsjo
I believe that this is the key to our success. The network of 5-groups will be the core from where we support and act together. We need to enpower each other to be able to keep on track. I encurage all of you to start your own group of five. I will be here to explain it further and answer questions.
Monday 8 June 2015, 14:12:59
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