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Hello lovely people of Essex, I've brough together a Community Garden [...]

Great Dunmow, Essex
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Hello lovely people of Essex,
I've brough together a Community Garden Project during the last few months and we are nearly ready to start growing in our makeshift greenhouse. Everything we have used has been donated or has been snaffled as someone else's waste. We are very happy with that. We have in total 3 of us working on the garden, following an appeal in the local newspaper, with the occasional guest appearance from someone who has skills that we don't: ie: building skills who are very happy to donate their time to help us. We intend to share our veg production among ourselves and with anyone who is helping us in the garden and sell the rest, a la Ubuntu, at very low cost.

I have a meet up group called "Growing veg in small spaces" which is about inspiring people to grow SOMETHING and ultimately to get them more involved in supplying our own food as a group and community. I'll post our next meet up here so you can see what we are up to and join us if you can.

Lovely to be among fellow Ubuntuans. Looking forward to making contact with you in person.
Best wishes
Jenny aka Rebel Gardener
[deleted user]
Great initiative, Rebel Gardener. Did you ever hear about the term Goriilla gardening?
Sunday 26 February 2017, 18:40:34
Rebel Gardener
Yes. I think Ron Finlay does Guerrilla gardening in Los angeles producing veg in public spaces. Great Idea.
Monday 27 February 2017, 19:45:04
[deleted user]
Yes, you're right, Rebel Gardener. I remember a TED talk with Ron, with him ending it by saying "Let's plant some shit"
Monday 27 February 2017, 22:35:36
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