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My concern is about justice. We do not seek ore [...]

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My concern is about justice. We do not seek ore want to punish anyone OK? Get over this stupid indoctrination out from your heads, because as long we act violent we all should sit in the jail so please do not rock the boat we all are in here. What we do wont is readjust our activities in a life serving way with out punishing ore even hate any one. It is possible, it is doable and we can try again and again and get happy every time. Where ever is the great amount of power it has to be enough checks and balance to manage that power in a life serving way, with out control it cause damaged. How we could change social game rules from competitive to cooperative? Because competition cause tension and harm. We like a babies fighting and pointing at each other. In a cooperative game we watch out each others needs and cooperate on mutually fulfilling strategies. What ever comes from peoples heads is imaginary real truth, that is truth only in the peoples heads. Imagination has no limits therefor we have to track what actually serves life. Well you don't have to, it just in order to survive. I like that fight spirit and I would like you to give a tool to fight "dragons of wrongness" Non violence works nonviolent way and we already know that we can not make better with violence. So tell what is observe able what do you need and what would be your request to make life more wonderful for everyone for know and in the future. Peace is a state of mind only from peaceful state of mind come peaceful thoughts, talks and deeds. If we already know what happens that we don't like Our attention should be on what we do like to see, reveal how taken action that we request would improve everyones life. Don't drive in to violence ore some kind of conflict, because that what prevents action to change be taken. You are not you, everything you know and way you live and think are result of peoples activities and influence around you. You have to understand that if you would born in that family that your "enemy" you would be exactly same. People that do anything to us they do it because that is a best that they know how to met their own needs. Right and wrong comes from professional God lovers and what serves life we all can sense and observe. So make your choice which reality you like: observe able ore imaginary ? The biggest secret of the devil is, that he lives in the place that does not exist. As long as you see your opponent as hate object , I predict, that you don't get what you need. Possibility to get what we need increases dramatically when we tell to opponent what do we need and ask them what they need to know in order to satisfy our request? Ask what withholds people from say 'yes' to our requests? (they have needs too not just we) Bullying use force of violence. We can use force of compassion and understanding of everyones situation they are in. We want to make life more wonderful, not less. it is not ideology ore illusion, it is pure technically speaking in observe able, do able, reality: no one need to loose , give in ore give up anything. Consider this as a rule of the new social game about how to make life more wonderful.
Well said, but you contradict yourself. What happens when the cup overflows in wonder?
Saturday 25 February 2017, 04:54:57
[deleted user]
The men that wear uniform is a human being and all he does is what he know how to met his own needs. Men may be restricted by the rules he agreed to carry on. Cops eventually goes truth training where they learn methods how to deal with situation. Your ton of voice behavior and eyes reveals your intentions, every situation is unique and we choose to act in a most life serving way.
Saturday 25 February 2017, 19:07:16
I think that's what wisdom is; all we truly know is what we've experienced. Every experience a different example showing us how to meet our needs in order to carry on. You are only restricted to the wonders you set yourself. "Nothing can dim the light from within." -Maya Angelou
Saturday 25 February 2017, 21:25:29
[deleted user]
Different forms of life eating each other that is how process looks a like, We all do everything to met our needs and no one of us can consume more then one need and everyones needs can be met by free giving from the heart Like in a party, play of free will is make life more wonderful and celebrate together. But there comes stranger and announce to everyone I am a King servant of God my word is law and there is right and wrong thinks to do ... Imagine and follow.

The truth is what is and what should be is a fantasy ore terrible lie told to people long ago by some one. The truth is life it self in a present moment, it is in observation that we all share, understand and there is our needs as a group ore individuals everything is visible. We count people before we cooking at home, not the money. and we can count people before we do something on the large scale It is easy to get volunteers when action serves their own life. When there is transparency, there is honesty and purity of intentions to participate. That figurative speech full of labels and terms names are used to get around human rationality and logic. We have emotional responses to certain terms and words and we experience emotions so it looks like real, but emotions are product of our brain farting thinking. The truth is not in our heads but all around us and universe have no obligations to explain it self it just is. We feel our own needs and human needs are universal so it is easy to know if some one tells ones need ore wants something as strategy to fulfill human need. There is no conflict when we talk our needs for life. and there is no way to agree about who is right. Conflict is always on the level of strategies and intentions. Solution is in sincerity about feelings and needs. The truth is not in a stories ore judgments. There is situation in which people trying to met their needs in a way that disturb others and they argue about who is right instead tell ling each other what do they need. When we see some one struggle and help we feel good, person that was helped feel relieve of shared burden and people around feel shared joy which is grater just because shared. That is a life with out right ore wrong king ore authority. Education is what they do to you, learning is what you do by yourself. So the way to deal with clerks are translation of imaginary in to observe able. When people talk intensively looking at you trying to convince you that it is about you. The truth is that talks are about those who talking and they do that because they like something ore not, but they telling to you who you are instead and trying to convince you about something just to drive own agenda instead of telling what they need and friendly request for assistance. You have to because it is right instead of please... because I need. If I make you do something that you don't want we both pay for it. Because when you don't want something to do it is because your own need in a way to not being met and to satisfy one need (mine) in expense of yours We did not made life more wonderful at all. It is like digging the hole for to put dirt from the hole that you dig.
Every time when we do something by sacrifice our needs we make pay for it everyone. Sacrifice generate urge for revenge. It just professional God lovers tels you that suffer is fashion of Jesus and motivation is hope and believe. Real motivation is to make life more wonderful for each other for fun and celebrate life together.
Saturday 25 February 2017, 23:37:14
I have always believed that every belief is as equal and powerful as the previous or the next. I, alone, have experienced so much, and you as well in your own way. Each of our ways has brought us here, and its only from sharing our knowledge/wisdom and accepting them as equals, that we become able. Emotions are what make this whole thing go round; what connects humans to - not this universe - but omniverse. The truth will be recognized by all once it's shared among all. different way to say it: to teach is to learn, to learn is also to teach. Conflict is cause with no effect, and its solution is either negative or infinite. Really, we value the same idea, just in opposite directions, no one can say which is right or wrong, but they can say each is just as powerful.
Sunday 26 February 2017, 00:32:40
[deleted user]
Most productive conversation is to fill up each others blind spots and destroy take a part old believes and patterns , just because new ideas make old, expired, obsolete. The problem is that mind always looking for some safe place to hold on, to some authority in a sense of old knowledge and If one identify himself to some ways of do things... to let it go past in to past its like let it die part of me. Emotions helps with decision making process we go to places where it felt nice and comfy ore what ever way nourished us. So with out emotions will be just pure calculation that can take hours of time to decide where to eat. but when emotions kicks in... I go to restaurant with that read hair waitress , because when I sit, her boobs are on the same level with my eyes ... that "calculus" kicks in a fraction of second. Emotions often misleading us in the modern world of deception and with out emotions life would be boring. I want to keep in touch with us in here because it feels less lonely.
When you give your love away, it opens your heart, everything seams new and you know the time will finds the way to make your heart believe it's truth.
Sunday 26 February 2017, 13:26:02
Explain more how one "gives their love away", I feel that only truly happens when one has kids. Even then, it's similar to how a new idea makes the old expired and obsolete. Does our love really belong to us in the first place? I think its a shared emotion, and is recognized only by those who it was shared amongst; and we know our heart believes the truth. However, to disprove your belief is alternately disproving mine, so both will have to be the truth.
Sunday 26 February 2017, 18:38:24
[deleted user]
Love is a force that drives life and makes us care, contribute,... best example is mothers love to the child Love shines unconditionally to everyone like a sun on this planet, the best artistic explain about pure love is…
From perspective of psychology Love is a human need and when one have very strong urge to fulfill need for love, One just look around and pick what seams to be a best candidate to satisfy that need and then one say to that candidate: I love you,... and it kind of gives intimidation to a person, responsibility to reject ore accept some ones love (?). But in reality when some one tells you: 'I love you' It just projection of own need on to you, trying to make you responsible some how.
To fall in love is a origin of the sin = miss the sign, get lost in imaginary, get overwhelmed by hormones, get tricked by the nature. Love is giving and of cause it is away to some one that seams special. When two people like a plants flower with desire, talks filling the air, everything you say; a whisper, a word, promises you give, love will always let you fly far a heart can fly away!
If you want to find real love destroy fiction of love. never watch romantic films comedies ore dramas about love. My personal tips: Do not ask any one to love you don't even use that word 'love'. Tell instead what would you like to do a person to met your need for love . 'Please love me' will scare and confuse person. 'Please hug me' - is do able. The truth does not require to believe, that is how I know what lie is. If you spot believer it is evidence of presence of a lie and if you spot a lie it is because of believer - those two are always together like a lovers for ever they can not exist with out each other. So what is a truth? It is life it self in a present moment as we all can observe. The rain tels about it self by playing drums on the banana leave. By saying that it is raining, we already one step from the truth, because the truth is not in our heads, but all around us. Universe have no obligations to explain it self to us.

Human mind searching for the safe place to be and create for that purpose a fiction. Nonsense can be quite handy tool to get around in this world So we use 2+2 and other imagination to serve life and when some one comes up with better ideas you have to destroy old ones and accept new. We do not burn witches on fire any more, because we have updated software in our heads that serves us better. If you tell me something, that could nourish my life much better then my old strategy in same situation, then to me conversation with you will be very giving and beneficial and if it is mutual then we have productive conversation both improving our ways of living by let it go old conviction and use new one. Creativity is ability to put some patterns together in a meaning full way. In order to be able to do that to adapt to a constantly changing life You have to let it go believe ore at least be flexible with change of life to change your believe. But if you change believe there is not so much faith, isn't?
Rigid people do not developing much, do they? Imagine two people met each other exchange information and both suppose to get enriched, elevated and improved. But if they stocked faithfully to what they believe... 90% at the time if debate is longer then 5 min the both sides are wrong. If people would not keep faithfully their believes, then will be no reason to choose any one, because any one will fit together after productive conversation. Uneasiness to change religion about everything makes us searching to the one that match our own believe. Disability to be flexible according observation, makes us lonely separated from each other perfect obedient slaves. We looking for serious women ore man for serious relationship. Life is not serious it is sincere. Seriousness is a symptom of madness that cause harm to humanity, loneliness to individuals. So be flexible playful and sincere as life it self. Don't get stuck with right ore wrong watch out what actually serves life. There is nothing to prove ore disprove in our heads. We like it ore not if it serves us, if it satisfy our social ore physical needs. I like it ore not because it met my need for .... .

Monday 27 February 2017, 11:56:44
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