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This isn't an easy and comfortable subject, but great progress [...]

Tavistock, Devon
via Prepare For Change
This isn't an easy and comfortable subject, but great progress is made by the application of a software program called Spotlight, created by actor Ashton Kutchner, in order to expose networks and pedophile rings, present in the dark web, such as in Canada, as reported in this video. To these horrific practices people on planet Earth begin to wake up. It will help to bring this evil practice to an end, I'm sure of it.…
Thank God. Great work.
Saturday 18 February 2017, 05:43:33
What a surprise no politicians
Saturday 18 February 2017, 09:25:23
[deleted user]
Yes, isn't it? There's a part of the US military that is working for the good cause.
They're the ones who've felt the taste of blood in their mouth often and therefore
choose life over war.
Saturday 18 February 2017, 10:04:04
Thank you for posting this Pastinakel. The truth is being told more and more.
Saturday 18 February 2017, 21:41:13
[deleted user]
Amen to that, dear Sonja
Saturday 18 February 2017, 22:31:38
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