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great stuff. on sacred geometry. [...]

Toronto, Ontario
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great stuff. on sacred geometry.…
very good description
Friday 10 February 2017, 22:49:01
[deleted user]
Excellent video, thank you!
Saturday 11 February 2017, 12:01:22
Saturday 11 February 2017, 18:44:45
there is so much teaching for us in this one experiment. it explains our world in a way that no word can. all is waves, energy, vibration.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:04:14
[deleted user]
Beautiful to see those patterns. I think you will enjoy the work of Lauterwasser too, Rob.

Here's the Moonlight Sonata" or "Mondschein Sonate" by Beethoven.
A tribute to our full moon prenumberal eclipse today, expressed in patterns:…
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:38:47
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:46:19
Thank you.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:50:43
Thank you Pastinakel. It is always nice to see some new patterns. If you remember I've been ... contemplating frequencies quite some time. Hence my avatar.
I'm happy that you "see" it Hefalump.
You may enjoy this as well.…
Last sentence is important.
Tuesday 14 February 2017, 16:57:47
Tuesday 14 February 2017, 17:02:58
[deleted user]
Great videos, Rob, thank you. Now that I'm more at ease being where I am right now, after a roller coaster ride in January, I'm not into teleportation much, lol
Tuesday 14 February 2017, 17:44:18
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