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Here is a Facebook post from Nova Biscotti on 29th [...]

Salford, Greater Manchester
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Here is a Facebook post from Nova Biscotti on 29th January. I found it a little interesting post and on a light side that I would like to share here:

Better than Hillary, yes. Good enough to bring the U.S. out of the morass of corrupt government, no.

More and more I see the Trump as the "Great White Hope" alternative to Obama - someone who appeals to everyone who was disappointed or outright hated the latter. Obama certainly said all the right things to energize the liberal base in 2008, and Trump seems to be following the same playbook on the right side of the political aisle.

If someone can find evidence that he is:
A) Reopening an investigation into 9/11 (with complete transparency)
Shutting down the Federal Reserve system and authorizing the U.S. to print its own currency
... then i will change my tune a bit.

I do, however, feel like the refugee E.O. could be a blessing in disguise to prevent infiltration by trained Daesh members from launching attacks on U.S. soil. But at the same time, there are a lot of confused people who will be hurt by this. If the Islamic State is truly crushed and those who are sponsoring it are ultimately held accountable, then I will view him as a good POTUS.

Until then? Watch the video, laugh a bit, but also remember that "The Netherlands" is a cabal-controlled country (William of Orange).…
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