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Hello fellow truth-seekers! So I live in California and [...]

Modesto, California
via The Full Circle Project
Hello fellow truth-seekers! So I live in California and I'm seeing a lot of these new security/police officers known as ONTEL in my city. Has anyone else noticed this? They have their own vehicles and are fully armed with I'm sure all the latest "terrorist toys". I never use to see them and now people are slowly being conditioned to see them everywhere and no one is really saying much about them. Who exactly are they? What power do they claim to actually have over us? Do we need to treat them differently than real police officers? Who are their employers? Their website actually publicizes how much cheaper and thus better and more economically convenient these guys are as opposed to real police officers. Max was so right in warning us that corporations are now taking over our police force and it isn't hard to see where this is all going. "To serve and protect" is not at the heart of these corrupt individuals. In Lak'ech
just like a bad movie. please don't let people get used to them. gotta realize the situation the sooner the better.. later they'll just get too settled to be confronted. all best wishes
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 22:36:42
I spent at least 5 minutes listening to the STATE expound on the legal right for the "officer" to bear arms against me, at court a couple of weeks ago. Well, no you don't, nor do you have the right to enforce what is your opinion on me. Everyone seems to forget that we are free. Why is anyone letting anyone else tell them what to do??????????? Oh right, because these people are bearing arms against us that makes us afraid to tell them they can't restrict and regulate our lives, or to say no to them charging us for not obeying their opinions. Excuse me, but, who the FUCK are you? And the cherry on top- not one of these ONTEL/STATE employees will be held responsible for their actions, because somehow or another there will be a contract that you are assenting to that subjugates you their codes, which of course grant immunity to their employees. I'm trying to get the Town and Village to designate our area as an "on call" basis only. I feel for those living in the large urban areas! Blessings.
Thursday 1 October 2015, 11:35:09
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