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Some research: The same person who is responsible for EU's [...]

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Some research: The same person who is responsible for EU's internal security and thereby also the (in)efficiency of Schengen, is also spearheading the expansion of the EU into the middle-east called Euro-Med, something that - probably entirely coincidentally - cannot be made reality if Schengen works... Back in June, she also announced to representatives of the "Med" part of Euro-Med, that "Political islam belongs in Europe". Her name is Frederica Mogherini, she is a fabian socialistic feminist (!!!) and a traitor to the entirety of post-renaissance Europa.
Thank you for posting jacques!
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 16:33:54
Thx. I knew there had to be something rotten going on behind the curtain here. I found Mogherinis speech and a map over the Euro-Med region on the EU's own website which also has a whole subdomain, just for Euro-Med. The whole thing is based on something called the Barcelona-declaration from '95. They deliberately avoided making it a treaty, because that would mean it had to come up for voting with the public and then they would have to inform us all about their intention. Declarations, you just implement as you please. We're getting screwed by the transnational oligarchy - again!
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 18:17:02
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