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Hey guys what's up! I just wanted to ask if [...]

Modesto, California
via The Full Circle Project
Hey guys what's up! I just wanted to ask if anyone out there can give me some advice on whether or not to download Windows 10 and what's up with Windows 10 anyway. I've heard Max talk about it on his radio shows and I hear very negative things about it like it's the government's way of bugging your home or something like that. Thanks again and REMEMBER OUR FIRST FULL CIRCLE SYMPOSIUM IS THIS THURSDAY AT 21:00 GMT! In Lak'ech!
Alex D
Go Linux if you can, and failing that OSX, then windows 7 in that order would be my choice.
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 13:22:13
A lot of privacy issues, Cortana is basically spyware. Not free software and pushing further and further to not free user. Windows is only good for gaming and some editing software. Use linux if you can take the time to learn it a bit, you have to be willing to look under the hood from time to time according to my experience, but it's quite accessible. If you care about privacy, know that it doesn't exist 100% on the internet, you can only 'minimise exposure' by blocking certain things, sometimes sacrificing functionality, and control what you put on the web. It comes down to what are your privacy requirements and how much work are you willing to go through to meet them. A good start is a good firewall, block adverts and known virus spreading websites, block scripts, activate plugins manually, delete cookies and cache frequently, use firefox, force https... but there's a lot more.
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 15:36:12
Cortana is an integral part of programming "artificial intelligence" for the war robots that are emerging. The robots will be operated with quantum computer technology. Quantum computers are thousands of time more powerful than the computers we use and there is no way they can be "programmed" as per usual. Your "help" is needed for the massive input required. Microsoft isn't what you think it is;-)
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 17:23:15
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