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Hello, I'm in Texas and unfortunately cannot attend, but I [...]

Fort Worth, Texas
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Hello, I'm in Texas and unfortunately cannot attend, but I am very interested in your information. I've been studying permaculture/aquaponics and love the idea of blending modern processes with ancient techniques. Will you have a summary of your class that can be purchased? I know it's better to be hands on but any information you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you!
Hi, I don't think there will be anything much on paper. But here is Manitonquat's website with some details of his books.… Wish you were nearer as it would be very cool to blend these modern things with the older ways of bringing consensus and community by working in circles etc.! I'm reading his book 'Have you lost your tribe?'...makes you realise how much community has been socially engineered out of society - and hope we can reverse this:)...
Thursday 1 October 2015, 06:56:41
Thank you for the book recommendation, and thank you for being a part of the tribe. Humanity is one tribe, and I can't wait for us to wake up and re-member. safe journey.
Saturday 10 October 2015, 16:04:04
Saturday 10 October 2015, 16:27:49
Thanks Majik - it was cool being in a circle and also going into smaller clan ones as well and seeing how it developed over some days. Being outside in beautiful countryside helped. And being blessed with stunning weather in the UK in October! Quite a few emotional issues came up for people - and I guess some of that is to do with us all feeling so separated and not supported in tribes!
Saturday 17 October 2015, 09:43:02
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