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And the more someone supports/helps the system that enslaves us the more they are rewarded by the system in the way of worthles paper money!
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 05:22:29
Still most people on here are working for the suit.
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 09:50:35
And if we keep this going, nobody is rewarded because life (as we know it now at least) will stop to be. Either we change our bad habits or mother nature will do it for us.
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 12:20:36
If we continue sooner or later robots will take over our jobs anyway so how long do we want to wait before we change ourselfs!!
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 12:52:36
My waiting is over. No more job for me, at least not forthem anyway. I managed to get away from that.
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 14:36:36
Eyes wide open....
It is easy to be "awake" when you don't have to get up every morning and bust your butt to feed your family. I am one of the lucky ones who made it threw to retirement and have the luxury of not having to do the 9 to 5 thing everyday.
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 15:35:59
It's not easy to be aware, ever.
No one HAS to do the 9-5, it's because we've allowed ourselves to be hornswaggled into believing we want what we've been told to want, that we need to work HARD and LONG to achieve what we "want". No living in joy, no sharing all we have. Greed and fear are our portion as long as we participate in this global slavery
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 10:48:07
Eyes wide open....
Oh I totally agree with that statement Amanda. We are programmed from birth to fit into this matrix we live in here on planet earth. We see it everyday on the mind manipulation tool we call the TV. I personally don't watch TV anymore. Just can't take the bullshit that comes out of that box. Want to hear some swearing? Turn on a TV in the room I'm in ....;) You are also right about the system of global slavery. We are all slaves to the monetary system in place. If you think this system is bad, wait until they get the digital system in place where you will be given credits for the amount of hours you worked in a particular day. No work, no electricity...... Nice to chat with you my friend.....;)
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 15:12:33
The only difficulty of being aware is having to live among people who, through no fault of their own, are not as aware as you. When I write this down is feel bad about sounding maybe arrogant of calling myself aware and most others not. And I don't mean it like that, I don't see myself as better than them, just different. Evryone has a right to their own opinion, but an opinion based on limited information should be challenged with giving the person the information they need to be able to re-analye their former judgements. Still they might not agree with you,. That is fine, but what I am sick and tired of and why I call this the only difficulty about being aware: It is scary sometimes to talk openly of what I believe is true. My family is firmly asleep and I can barely dent their stubbornness or even breach the subject. for that matter. Any suggestions from any of you for how to deal with this? Thanks!!!
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 18:53:13
Change and Diversity to you all!
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 18:53:28
Eyes wide open....
I feel your pain Jack. I too have trouble talking to most of my family about the true nature of the system we are living in. I find that a lot of my family do know that something isn't right but really don't want to know what it is.... I'm lucky that I can talk to my wife about what is going on in the world today.
Thursday 1 October 2015, 05:24:58
Thanks Carl, I have the same. A wonderful girlfriend who is on the same wavelenght. If it wasn't for her I don't really know what I'd be doing right now.
Thursday 1 October 2015, 10:54:48
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