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And now I am sitting here, silence, sun and all [...]

Zagreb, City of Zagreb
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And now I am sitting here, silence, sun and all the time I want or need to write. Nothing comes! My brain like a butterfly that can’t decide which flower to taste. There are so many subjects I could write about, so many important issues I would like to bring to your attention that I am unable to decide which one I shall start with.
Maybe I should start at the beginning, but then again, I have written about this so many times before. How I grew up in this middle of the road, middle class mediocre family and how, although I tried, never seemed to fit in. Write that, because I was and still am a gentle man/boy. I never had the guts to really stand up to my boring family. So I kept on trying to fit my infinitely expanding round pegged brain into their square unimaginative hole. Always failing to manage this to their satisfaction and receiving a perpetual stream of “good advice” on how to live my life according to my family’s limited imagination. There is a saying where I come from that sums up all that is wrong with this hollow land and with my family in particular. Roughly translated it goes like this: Act normal then you are already acting crazy enough. There are many more sayings and proverbs like this in the Netherlands but this one really describes the mediocrity of this country and my family the best.
Can you imagine how absolutely bland a young boy’s life could be if he is forced to grow up with such a mind numbing credo as this? This boy, me, who had and still has an infinite curiosity. Never satisfied with platitude answers. Never happy with ungratifying replies to his relentless queries.
Still, I am not a resentful person (contrary to what I wrote before). Sure there have been periods and moments in my life I silently cursed my family and/or my bad luck for landing myself in that safe but unimaginative surroundings. I love my family and all their restrictive words and deeds has turned out to be a gigantic blessing in disguise. Their attitude towards life and authority has forced me to THINK. My reasoning and arguing skills would never have reached the level they are at right now if I wasn’t forced to think my way out and around their “normal” standards. Yes my life would have been totally different if my parents would have encouraged my limitless curiosity, but at the same time I would probably not have figured out what is wrong with this world. I would have found some extravagant way to live my life, not caring much about what is happening in the real world. Being coerced into this underdog position by five older family members has given me a great understanding of what it is like to be powerless, yet at the same time handed me a plethora of ideas and strategies to counter the acts of bullies and authority figures.
As you can maybe imagine authority is what bugs me the most in life. Now that I have figured out what this article is about I can continue with writing in this wonderful sunny silence.
All problems in life, and not just my own, stem from just one source: Authority! If you think about this sentence long enough you can figure it out for yourself, but then I would not need to write this article, so let me explain.
All the misery, toil, wars, killings, torture, bullying and other nastiness that has befallen the human race throughout human history can be blamed on one single word: Authority! Let me first give you a dictionary definition of this word:
As a noun or plural
“The power to determine, adjudicate or otherwise settle issues or disputes; jurisdiction; the right to control, command or determine.”
I believe, after a lifetime of thinking and to the core of my being, soul and spirit, that no man or woman has the right to control, command or determine me, or anyone else of course. In my humble opinion every human being on this beautiful planet should be free to make up her or his own mind and determine her or his own path in life. Of course parents who “guide” their children to reach their full potential are necessary, but even they don’t have the right to force their offspring into a direction they clearly don’t want to go. Even if it is for their own “benefit”, as parents are apt to say.
The reason I write this article in the English language is because English has the best synonym for any and all kinds of authorities. One word to sum up all that is wrong about any and all authorities:
So from now on if I describe any kind of authority figure or similar person I just call them bully or bullies. Even if I mean the great omnipotent Bully in the sky.
Here is a list of all the different bully types: Kings or queens, presidents, prime ministers, politicians, priests, bishops, cardinals, the pope, imams, any religious leader, bankers, most business men, all military of all ranks, all police, all teachers, doctors, managers, bosses of any kind, most parents and then you have your average bully who just thinks he can push you around by his or hers physical presence. I’m sure I am forgetting a few types of bullies, oh yes, criminals. All of the above list think they have a right to tell others what to do or push others around and threaten them with physical violence or some kind of mental torment. The bullies are our rulers and keep us afraid and in fear through threats of violence or depravity of some basic human need.
Where does the bully come from? In my opinion the real bully, the one we love to hate, started its rise to dominance around the time humans invented agriculture. Before, humans spend most of their time finding food, no time to push other people around much, but by growing food and settling down in one place, humans got more time to come up with clever yet nasty ways to do less and less and let others do their work for them. They, usually men in those days (and still of course), invented all kinds of stories about the reasons why bad things happened, like a failed crop, disappearance of cattle or even lightning strikes and fires or earthquakes. They invented big bad bullies in the sky who got angry if people did not listen to the inventors of these metaphysical bullies. They called themselves priests or sages or any kind of other name. First they convinced the dumber part of a population that what they were saying was true. These dumber people were usually big strong men without much going on in the brain department and could be easily manipulated into doing the dirty bullying for these men of the big bad bully in the sky. Once the smart bullies established their power position, the rest is basically history. From then on men stayed in power by bullying the vast majority of whatever population that was in their neighbourhood. This is how countries got created and how wars started, clever bullies having arguments with other clever bullies over some prime piece of real-estate.
Everything else, society as we know it today, grew out of the squabbling of intelligent bullies. Countries, borders, border disputes, wars and all the so called progress started with some psychopathic bullies arguing over which small part of this planet belonged to whom. Writing this down just now, makes me even more upset. This world could be such a lovely place with plenty for everyone (scarcity is another bully lie) yet here we are on a planet slowly being destroyed because some bullies fight over who owns what.
And then there is us. The majority, or the bullied. For, give or take, twenty-five millennia we have been afraid. We have been lied to, bullied by, yes I admit, strong men, but never have we really stood up and said no! No more! Sure, revolutions have happened, kingdoms and even empires have been overthrown, but always to be replaced by other clever bullies who just took over the old power seat and continued doing what all the other bullies had been doing all along. We have believed all the lies the bullies have been telling us. We have believed their fairy tales about great powers in the sky who will punish us if we don’t do what the bullies tell us to do. We have believed that one man is better than a woman or another man, solely based on skin colour, gender, birth or even the region where someone is born. We believe and follow these devious bullies without ever really questioning why. We even worship and revere these mean and condescending bullies and believe there are worth more than all of us put together. We follow, kill, suffer and even die for the lies they’ve been telling us. We, the vast majority of humanity, give these sneaky bullies the power over life and death, our health, wellbeing and pretty much everything else. We let them run the whole show and even believe this is how it should be. We think and believe that there is nothing we can do about this, that this is just the way it is. But it is just a belief. Just like some Christians can convert to Islam, changing their beliefs, so we can change our belief in not letting the bullies control everything. This changing of belief requires some effort though and most of us have been bullied all their lives and are too lazy and/or scared to change. The best lie these bullies ever told us was the one that convinced us that there is nothing we can do about our lot in life.
Well, guess what? There is something you can do about this. All you really need to do is to stop complying with what the bullies are telling you to do. Just refuse. Don’t vote for them, don’t buy their idiotic products, stop listening to what the bullies are telling you and think for yourself, don’t enlist into their armies and don’t go to their temples, churches and other places of “worship” (fear factories). How do you recognize a bully? Some bullies are very clever and you might not be able to tell if someone is or is not a bully. I’ve found a very simple way to sniff out the bullies from the nice people: Any person who tries to scare you and is very negative towards what you are saying or towards your plans and ideas is a bully. Everyone knows the type; “ you cannot do this, it is crazy, you will never be able to do this, this is impossible, this is much too difficult, you will end up homeless, I will get very angry if you do this” and anything along these lines. These are words of bullies, the small time ones, like parents, siblings, teachers and so-called friends but also of the bigger bullies like politicians and their ilk. They try to scare you into not trying new things. They want to keep you where you are and under their control and they try to do this by scaring you. This is the most typical tactic of a bully, trying to install fear into you so you will comply with their wishes.
That the bullies try to scare you has a very profound purpose in their reasoning. The bullies, and I do mean all of them, are actually very afraid themselves. They are afraid of losing the status quo, terrified of losing the power they perceive to have over you and horrified of change. They will try anything to keep things as they are. So they try to “share” this fear of what I think is only natural, change!
Change is, in my eyes, a fact of life. An unstoppable force of nature, something you might temporarily resist, just not for very long. And I believe that the longer you resist change the bigger the shock will be when the inevitable change will come. Better to go with the flow and enjoy the ride!
Change and diversity to you all!
gr8 article bro, just don't let drama overwhelm you..
larken rose spoke about it too ->…
Sunday 27 September 2015, 13:12:00
Larken does good work
Sunday 27 September 2015, 16:17:30
Thanks Maks for the compliment, but I think that compared to Larken Rose (great speech though) my little rant was passionless and with no drama whatsoever.
Sunday 27 September 2015, 18:57:52
there is drama in everything jack, such is becoming free, cause you see, you can not become, you either are or you are not. incomplete is what seek authority over, complete does not. incomplete is what covers in fear, complete understands fear, and we were always complete but incredibly wild ride denying it and seeking outside for answers, complete does not seek.. with risk of splitting to us and them, there is only I which is but manifestation I was even without it, perhaps it sounds like spiritual mambo jambo, but I haven't changed at all, it is just contraction and convulsion of what remained still. eventually it will make sense to everyone, bright days are coming we are making them.
Sunday 27 September 2015, 19:52:20
I've been free since the day I was born, although for a long time my family and society kept me down through brute mental and sometimes even fysical force, but now they have finally lost their hold on me. It's been a long time. But at least I've been free to think. That is something they could never control.
Sunday 27 September 2015, 21:50:02
You call them bullies, I call them greedy ones. I was told recently that unless I "agree" or "accord" to obey the "laws" of the U.S. of A. I cannot vote, This is my reply:
I, Amanda Lovell, do solemnly swear that I am of sound mind and loving heart, a flesh and blood being with all my natural born rights intact. One of those rights is to have my voice counted, in this case by vote, on any issue I deem to affect my life, directly or indirectly. I claim that right. If any Being or Agency claims the authority to deny me this right, I hereby charge them to prove, in court, the basis of that authority.
Monday 28 September 2015, 12:01:46
hello Amanda I am a Canadian , watching the total decline of USA . my father and grandmother lived in florida I loved going to usa . sad to say I would not go any more. passports tsa scanning the attempt to ignite a racial war police brutality. as an observer it is so sad to watch the fall of America. we will all go down with usa.
Tuesday 29 September 2015, 16:01:30
Hi Ranger, I'm a human being and I do not agree with the dividing of people or imaginary lines dividing the Earth. As far as I can tell all Government is the same, and people likewise. Most folk don't want to be bothered and need a real fire under their ass to get them off that comfy couch, leaving the greedy ones to rule the sty.
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 10:59:47
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