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Hey guys just want to remind everyone out there to [...]

Paris, Île-de-France
via The Full Circle Project
Hey guys just want to remind everyone out there to please try to participate in the "Great Intention" this week and which takes place every Saturday at 10 pm Greenwich Mean Time. Tell as many people you can about it and try to get them involved in it as well. REMEMBER, IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE IT WOULD TAKE TO SHIFT HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF EARTH AND BRING ABOUT POSITIVE CHANGE TO ALL IS 8,366. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN! In Lak'ech
Mark R
8,366 is correct. It is the square root of one percent of the earth's population. This relatively small number can create a global shift. In theory, this should be easy to orchestrate.
Saturday 26 September 2015, 15:39:45
noted, I'll make sure I am always there from now on (i didn't know before about this). Love x
Monday 28 September 2015, 13:02:18
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