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I have signed up to freedom force international and am [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
I have signed up to freedom force international and am looking to connect to other members in Darwin.
I am also in Darwin, your skills may come in useful to me as I suffer with crohns and have recently come off all pharmaceutical medication. Do you practice?
Wednesday 25 November 2015, 02:53:40
katherine v
Hello, yes I do..... I am not in Darwin at the moment but will be back in the new year. Meanwhile I am happy to chat if you need some advice via text.
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 07:00:29
Thursday 7 January 2016, 08:19:16
Happy new year. Ive been trying to stay clear of my pharma meds. Even went to Amsterdam in search of legal high cbd content oil to take instead. Unfortunately they only had ones with thc in it too so I couldnt take any home with me. In the meantime im staying clear of wheat and processed foods and juicing veggies everyday. Feeling good but still show some symptoms. Any input?
Thursday 7 January 2016, 08:22:34
katherine v
Hi Stevencr00k, I'm not sure what your condition is, but it is all layers of inflammation from various causes. Today I was just reading up on Dr Blackmores celloids as I have come down with a nasty chest infection probably bought on from spending a week before Christmas in very unsanitary conditions and then exacerbated by air-con. So I am taking his pspc as it removes congestion and inflammation and available easily and cheaply. I am also taking astaxanthin plus by Bioceuticals which is a super free radical squelcher among other things. I have my mother on canabiloid oil from Charlotte's web but she is in the UK. Happy to offer more input on anything specific!
Wednesday 13 January 2016, 23:08:49
Hey thanks for your reply. Sorry its taken so long getting back to you. Does your mother find the CBD oil works?
Thursday 18 February 2016, 21:06:36
I have been taking RSO and CBD and haven't taken any pharmaceutical meds for 2 months now. I feel great to be honest. The RSO is very potent thats the only thing. Its working for me. That and juicing every day and trying to eat well.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 21:08:26
katherine v
She does find it helps her, she is adding coconut oil to it now and and drinking lemon water. She gets great benefit from Hawthorn extracts as far as her heart is concerned, with emphysema it puts a great strain on her heart and her BP is high and she is getting fluid build up. She really notices the difference when she takes the hawthorn for that.
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 03:19:25
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