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I put the lack of connecting down to work commitments, [...]

Cheadle, Greater Manchester
via The Full Circle Project
I put the lack of connecting down to work commitments, most of us are caught on the treadmill (me included)... Wish I had an answer to the money problem or lack of it,, 12 hour shifts 5 days a week just to keep my head above water.. It really is an evil invention but a very clever way of keeping us all in scarcity.. It's Fear peddling at its insidious best when a person is threatened to have their ability to provide a home and food on the table taken away due to not having enough paper... Would love to hear if anyone can provide alternative ways to jump off money train..??
Cheers all!
Hi Carl, there is no easy answer. You will be glad to no that your not the only one... but remember there is millions out there living above and beyond their means.. these people can't just stop, no sir. We are lucky enough to see through this 'game' and hopefully we can help change. As far as money is concerned I have been trying to live as close to the bread line as i can for years, im happy our family get by, its hard but thats life.
Thursday 24 September 2015, 15:52:08
Bleed the Beast. Quit your job, get food stamps, welfare, SSI whatever. You can state the reason you can't work is because you are morally opposed to working for any corporation that condones murder for profit, or because the STATE has made getting work suitable for a human being impossible. Use the Cesta Que Trust to take care of most utilities and taxes. Be creative. Get what ever money you can, contribute as little as possible. The more who do this the quicker the sooner this meme of greediness will flounder!
Thursday 24 September 2015, 17:14:37
[deleted user]
That's the thing Ben,,we basically just want a roof over our heads with warm water and electricity.. But you have to work long shifts just to keep that nowadays.. This is what really gets to me,, I can see through the game but still have to function within it,,and that takes up 90% of my time.. Basically being played like the rest of em... Kind of makes it worse when you can see your own enslavment... On a side note a statistic I heard on David Ickes website today... There are 4 derelict houses in Europe to every 1 homeless person... Madness!!
Thursday 24 September 2015, 17:40:59
[deleted user]
I like the sound of that one Amanda.. They have started to clamp down on benefits over here in the U.K ... I had an operation on my leg last year and took some time off on the sick...Within a week of my operation they sent doctors out checking up on me to see if I was fit for work,, I couldn't even walk!!... Also talks of mandatory voluntry work for anyone claiming beneft for any duration of time and cutting off payments from anyone who doesn't show up for slave labour.
Thursday 24 September 2015, 18:08:13
[deleted user]
Think the Cesta Que trust is only availabile
for those in the U.S... Will keep my eyes open for a U.K equivalent.
Thursday 24 September 2015, 18:32:58
Actually yours was started in 1666 in London, which is probably where the US got the idea. The Holy Roman has had it for ions using the confirmation ceremony to abscond with it's members Trusts. Mandatory- voluntary is an oxymoron- typical STATEspeak! In a sense we are all slave labor as long as we keep supporting the slave masters.
Friday 25 September 2015, 07:58:49
[deleted user]
Sorry, I should have worded it differently " making voluntary work mandatory " is what I meant to say....basically an excuse to provide slave labour for the State ,as you rightly say....Thanks as well for putting me on to the Cestui Que Vie act of 1666!, finding it very informative reading at the moment.... Interesting they declare us all as Dead entity's,lost at sea untill a person comes back and reclaims their rightful titles from the State.

Friday 25 September 2015, 13:10:27
The world is mad.. sometimes I think i'm mad!!!! how mad is that!!
Friday 25 September 2015, 17:47:53
Nothing a 100g of dark chocolate won't fix thou
Friday 25 September 2015, 17:48:35
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