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Well ranger, I heard the reason they are spraying us [...]

Modesto, California
via The Full Circle Project
Well ranger, I heard the reason they are spraying us is to tinker with our DNA and modify us. The powers that believe they be may be trying to genetically modify us into a new organism. They are not just discovering nanotechnology in aerial sprays, but red blood cells as well so it kinda makes you think. People all over the world now are discovering abnormal growths of bizarre material all over their bodies.
Why do you think they call em the Bilderborgs? Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated?
Wednesday 23 September 2015, 07:22:12
arion..............this creatures are in panic of they lifes................because their game is crumbling. and that game will be finish after just few people realize who they relay are. and that is happening right now.
Wednesday 23 September 2015, 17:30:45
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