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just wanted to comment on how heavy we got sprayed [...]

Jasper, Alberta
via The Full Circle Project
just wanted to comment on how heavy we got sprayed here in jasper today. so heavy as morning went on, they managed to totally block out the sun. this is every single day now . it has been cloudy since the end of june, I find this very alarming ,they gave it a rest on sept.11 the 14th anniversary of 911. a study has just been completed from MIT on the dangers of geoengineering. very harmful to all the living things on our planet. the most alarming of all is that most people are totally ignorant of what is going on they sure don't want to hear about it. how long can this go on and does any body know what the real reason for the sprs=aying is. I sure miss the sun
Mark R
I agree 100 f**king percent! Today was the same in St. Louis, Missouri in the "most ununited states of America". Please notice the lack of proper capitalization, which surely points to a lack of respect on my behalf! Unlike you tales of some sort of non-spray, mercy declaration day, I have seen them heavily spraying on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday here in the states! And then they ask me to pay taxes, so that they can use that money to spray my ass with? All I know is where I am going when I leave this planet and where they are going are two different realms of reality. My creator takes care of that karmic issue with 100 percent certainty.
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 23:36:21
Mark R
By the way, if the nations or countries halt chemtrails activity on 911, it is not in respect of the thousands of people that lost their lives in a false-flag attack. They are actually having a moment of silence to remember how stupid they are. Yes, they are... Box cutters and all.
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 23:46:21
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