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Entered the circus called the court and watched the shenanigans [...]

Port Henry, New York
via The Full Circle Project
Entered the circus called the court and watched the shenanigans unfold. I witnessed the lying of a demi-sheriff and the tampering of "evidence". They altered, or created, a video that showed what did not happen. He had been sitting in wait for me and I passed him on his left, my right. He pulled out after me and hit his lights. The video showed a car coming toward the camera then, what would look like his car turning onto the road and following. He did not hit his lights in the video, nor did it ever show me. SO beware! they make it up as they go along, ignore the oath THEY pledged, the "laws" they made, and collect the $. Fortunately, what was $571.00 worth of "guilty"s has freed me to live the rest of my life out of their court, using the system to drain $ from the war machine, invest in myself and the Community, which is where everything belongs and comes from anyway. If anyone is interested in dropping out of the grind and sucking out the blood of the beast let me know. Love to ALL!!!!!!!!!
I am a big fan of Your Spirit Amanda; that the Dark Cave that's full of corruption from which You've decided to Operate, failed to dim Your Beautiful Light. You are a great example and a Light Shining in Darkness. So Good to see that You are on Guard Keep Up the Good Work! ;)
Saturday 19 September 2015, 13:24:25
Mark R
Amanda, I am behind you and support you 100 percent. You are unique and and amazing individual. Anyone on this site that is not familiar with you, needs to become familiar as soon as possible. Love to you in every imaginable way!
Saturday 19 September 2015, 15:43:21
So much amazing energies have helped shift things to this wonderfully freeing state- thanks for all the help! We can so do this!
Saturday 19 September 2015, 17:00:54
We are rapidly growing in frequency Amanda The fact that I find it so difficult to relate to the materialism and self-harm of 'modern society' has enhanced my personal journey beyond words. The beautiful folk who I meet, with every interaction being a moment I savour. Even the encounters I would once have perceived as negative have now become an enjoyment, not least as a reminder of how lucky an escape I made. Let your positivity shine my friend and let it become your lower threshold, everything beyond is pure bliss. Peace always
Saturday 19 September 2015, 19:22:51
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