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Looking to break away from what feels like the slavery [...]

Sutton, Massachusetts
via The Full Circle Project
Looking to break away from what feels like the slavery of my living situation. I live in a very religious community and am the black sheep of everyone i know ( in the sense that I don't believe the media and give no authority to the bible).

This has been on my mind for about two years and the more time passes, the more I can see the need to be a part of a more supportive living arrangement.

Any advice/direction would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Pack up ya bongo's and head for the hill's...
Friday 18 September 2015, 21:32:12
: Hmmm... Wait for this site to get many like-minded people, and then move to where you can make/have made some new acquaintances
Saturday 19 September 2015, 06:56:15
Where are you from? I am right by the canal in Buzzards Bay! Looking to get in touch with like minded people, feeling like we are running out of time to get some form of usefull community together around here!
Thursday 1 October 2015, 04:57:07
I was in a similar situation as you when I was young and understand your situation..I'm 50 now though still feels like yesterday...hold true to your self, and a good moral will get better..
Sunday 31 January 2016, 00:33:43
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