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I highly recommend researching the amazingly informative presentations by Jay [...]

Santa Monica, California
via The Full Circle Project
I highly recommend researching the amazingly informative presentations by Jay Parker:

Jay Parker: How 34 million Satanic/Illuminati Americans keep Earth in turmoil:…

Jay Parker at the Free Your Mind 2 Conference April 2013:…

Note: at the end of the first video, Jay Parker talks about how we can reverse the entropic energy in Earth's Lay-lines via orgonite. From this I thought that, since the nature of this site is community and activism, anyone that lives near any lay-lines (or has the time and means to visit them) can make (or purchase if preferred) orgonite devices and use them for cleansing of the Earth's energy grid (thus shifting the holographic universes energy to the polarity of light and reverse the entropic tide). To learn more about orgonite and how to make it, I recommend:
satanis are just one of holographic inprintS in this reality. and that inprint exist because we think that we are humans on planet earth. BUT WE ARE NOT. that is just one of endless creations that everything produces for each of endless parts of itself. i know that what they do is horrible. but nothing will change until each of you understand why is that happening. and is not happening because some people control this planet. what is control.............just in each of ours bodys and also bodys of thous families..............there are trillions operations going on without are knowing. without our direct decision. and what about ALL THAT WHICH IS out of our bodys? the reason why is this reality how it is because of our perception of it. WHAT WE CALL THOUGHTS IS JUST ONE WAY HOW WE PRODUCE THIS ILLUSION. because each of your thoughts is an energy field made by other energy field which we call body. energy fields producing new energy fields. each of that energy fields produces its own reality. that is why...................THAT IN THIS SPACE IN WHICH WE ARE ARE ENDLESS OTHER REALITIES. and when you believe that you are frighten little human on big face of the earth without hope, living till death, during that time you have to do some things which all do...................THEN THAT KIND OF FOCUS OF ATTENTION WILL PRODUCE ALL OTHER THINGS THAT GO A LONG WITH THAT FREQUENCY. we are shocked with satanists................and iin almost each family we have people which are fighting between each other, abusing children in all possible ways...........and so on................BUT.............THE SATANISTS ARE DOING MAMBO JUMBO IN BOHEMIAN GROW AND BECAUSE OF THAT WE ARE FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER. THAT IS WAY WE HAVE WHAT WE HAVE. UNTIL WE WOLD UNDERSTAND THAT.
Friday 18 September 2015, 17:49:09
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