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For so many years, I've felt I'm wandering in a [...]

Epsom, Surrey
via The Full Circle Project
For so many years, I've felt I'm wandering in a wilderness of evil. For the last 20 years I've been trying to help people as a homeopath and pay the bills at the same time! . It's been really lonely at times.

In the last month, I've made so many good friends through full circle. The energy is really buzzing. Thanks Max for this lifesaving idea and a big offer of hope to those of you on your own in isolated parts of the globe, feeling lonely. Keep trying to connect! And if it gets really too tough, we will make the effort to be there for you!
Mark R
What a loving soul you are. I bless you with every fiber of my
existance. Feel it.
Thursday 17 September 2015, 01:50:46
Thank you so much for those beautiful kind thoughts. Luv & light for you xox
Thursday 17 September 2015, 04:59:26
Mat Dowle
To hear that you have made some good friends through this website is such a wonderful reward for me. Knowing that all the work I have put into this website has resulted in new and positive friendships and connections makes the effort worthwhile. Thank you for sharing this.
Thursday 17 September 2015, 14:09:31
Helena Andrews
Thank you for all your work Mat. Hope to meet you soon!
Thursday 17 September 2015, 14:55:41
Yeay, Amen and Ajoo to all that!!! That's the way..
Thursday 17 September 2015, 15:08:46
all thous years are THIS MOMENT. there are no years. only in your imagination. put another HA in front that one and that is what you have to do all the time. because you are all existing time because you created. like everything else.
Thursday 17 September 2015, 17:40:18
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