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Where on this site can I find FCP's collaboration success [...]

Crystal Lake, Illinois
via The Full Circle Project
Where on this site can I find FCP's collaboration success stories? Or are we too new?
See the circles being formed and folk who had little idea how to connect and start positively taking responsibility for their future as a success story. The rest will possibly be more subtle initially, until psychopaths are brought to account and those in positions of responsibility are brought to task.
Wednesday 16 September 2015, 18:41:12
That's up to us, as far as I see. The success stories I mean.... about time we told another story! Get off this timeline..... anyhow, don't know if it will be 'a success' (how is this rated?), but one chapter of the FCP story now going to Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen this weekend where it will be presented for a critical public to see...stand by to hear how received and lets see who comes aboard! In Lak'ech
Thursday 17 September 2015, 15:15:18
Another 'story' for you.... FCP well received in the main square of the village here; now we have invites to other local villages, and a request to be present in workshops and more public circles. 'Bringing the Circle to the Square', as it were... we could all get busy with similar things?¿ Prepared to stumble if not 'successful', but feels like time is ripe....
Thursday 17 September 2015, 15:18:10
Thank you for taking the time Lula -- Good luck, and I look forward to hearing your updates.
Friday 18 September 2015, 01:10:25
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