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Hello guys, I'm Nikhil from India. I somehow stumbled upon [...]

Hyderabad, Telangana
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Hello guys, I'm Nikhil from India. I somehow stumbled upon this idea of a moneyless system long ago while applying Indian philosophies of seva to work. While Michael Tellinger wants to spread message and eliminate money through political systems, I would like to bring to your attention an other way of eliminating money from within the Capitalistic economic system. You can read about the PLAN on my fb page -
Anyways here's a short (not so good) video with Simple math, that I attempted, to explain how we can transform our economic system. Lets do this guys. Lets act and the message will spread by itself. "When the Lotus blooms the bees will come of their own accord".…
Great to see you doing your own work! Keep it up!
Monday 26 September 2016, 00:04:22
Thanks a lot for the encouragement.
Monday 26 September 2016, 16:09:15
I thought that your presentation was very clear. Would you like to share what you explain in the video in a few words? It also helps a search engine find it if the salient points are included as text. I thought the equations building on Marx's theory especially helpful.
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 22:55:58
Surely. Let me try:
There are two paths towards a moneyless world. One is that we all as consumers reject the power that money holds by living a simple life, or choosing to live in a sustaainable community by farming, growing own food, etc - this approach is being tried but it is difficult for many people to move into this path, nevertheless it is important too.
The other path is to start & build non-profit/ Zero profit businesses - we should have a zero-profit shampoo, chips & juices companies, etc. These zero-profit worker cooperatives / companies that I call "Unselfish Businesses" will do well in the market owing to their lower prices, ethics & values. This creates a greater positive feedback loop compared to the other conventional path.
As more such Unselfish businesses evolve, prices of commodities come down. Not just down, but way down, because businesses are interconnected - meaning one company's produce is other company's input. Therefore for a company if more inputs come from unselfish businesses then its expenditure will be lower and amounts to lower final prices of produce. This price drop of commodities around us due to unselfish companies, I explain in the video using a simple equation given by Karl Marx.
And the conclusion is that as prices decrease more people have the purchasing power. SO when a rich & poor guy come to buy the same product, do you think rich will be favoured by a "ZERO PROFIT" company ? No way, cuz it doesn't care about more coins, paper, numbers... Money loses its value. A new system will evolve which You and I may not be able to visualize now but i think it might look like this :…
As for the economics of the new world, a system where goods will be distributed based on need maybe, or based on equality of all, a new price mechanism may evolve as I describe here in this post :…
Thank you.
Friday 30 September 2016, 04:58:54
Srinivas M
hi.... iam a new member to join in this community.
by the way great idea lets work on it contact me if u r der.
I am from vizag hope we can meet or communicate.
lets start fast by getting more members. Your idea is great we need to get a good starting no of people to begin.
Saturday 7 January 2017, 05:51:38
Thanks Srinivas. I'm in Mumbai, I want to start something soon. Let me know if you have any plans to start something quickly.
Friday 20 January 2017, 07:57:13
Srinivas M
I think it would be better to make a WhatsApp group as it would be convenient to communicate with each other
Saturday 21 January 2017, 09:32:34
Srinivas M
We need to make this popular first then we can expect people to join.
As the situations stand nobody in India actually knows that something like utopia exists even as a theory.
Saturday 21 January 2017, 09:35:22
Abhilash V
yes it's a great idea to connect people.
Monday 6 March 2017, 17:24:21
Hi guys, lets use the opensource tool Loomio to connect and make group decisions without chaos . Many of us from Ubuntu-India are connecting to take our plans forward. Please join here:…
Tuesday 14 March 2017, 11:00:58
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