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Just had pleasure to participate in a 4-hour seminar with [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
Just had pleasure to participate in a 4-hour seminar with Gregg Paul and Sienna from Rise University. Here is the promo trailer… and will post the recorded session when I have it. Your thoughts on how we can seed this type of action founded in the knowledge of who we TRULY ARE within our communities/neighborhoods? We can have continued discussions with this group and see how to collaborate in the most effective, rapid and beneficial way. Do you have any concerns with this? Question everything.. you are As King
[deleted user]
Dear Louise
I enjoyed watching the promo but............
As great as it would be to collaborate are we not at a point where we should be looking to strengthen fcp? Are we not in danger of splitting ourselves in too many directions 'n' our energy . Between creating circles in local community,child abuse and hemp there's a lot going on.
Perhaps our energies at this time would be better placed focusing more on those here fcp that are taking on projects? The Peterborough circle is currently gearing up to start a project. Can we not have a interview with Kerry? and follow the story while offering practical support.
I enjoy all the interviews you do, but do we really need people to tell us what we already know anymore?
Just my musings at this time....Sorry I can't articulate what I'm trying to say better x;)
Carla x
Sunday 25 September 2016, 21:48:40
Totally agree with you Carla, but need people to contact me or how can i know what's happening where and on what we can focus ? The new projects-based conversational page should provide just such a focal point and the project you mention would provide a good example. Just, somebody needs to COMMUNICATE this to me Who is Kerry and yes, definitely can have a chat... good place to start [email protected] THANKS for the feedback x
Monday 26 September 2016, 00:12:16
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