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Hi Max and everybody in the fcp! Thank you all [...]

via The Full Circle Project
Hi Max and everybody in the fcp! Thank you all for this fabulous site and your interesting ideas, info and comments on how to deal with tyranny in this world! Perfect timing, just what we need! Where to start? Is the signing of the non democratic UN Agenda pushing their global goals on 193 countries and all the NGOs not part of it? And the climate concerned pope is blessing it? I heard that R. Redford is in this depopulation group Friends of the Earth..? Thank you, Amanda, for clearing my view again.. Great idea, Architect, about a Non-Compliance Day! When? Myrthe
Jacqueline B
Here is a really good vid that covers the Friends of the Earth and Agenda 21/30:…
Wednesday 16 September 2015, 14:41:46
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