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To all you people out there creating division in the [...]

Paris, Île-de-France
via The Full Circle Project
To all you people out there creating division in the so called "truth movement", why can't you put all that energy and brain power to good use? Why can't we simply put all of our heads and energy together and actually work on fixing this world and addressing the problems that really matter in this reality. Haven't you guys been listening to anything Max has been saying for the past 8 years? We need as much unity and encouragement from each other as we can get and not personal attacks. WHY CAN'T WE DO THIS? I don't see anyone really offering new creative ways and ideas on how we can change things. Publicizing and planning a day of global non-compliance is something that I think could work. I'm still trying to launch this so if you're interested and want to help out with coordinating this, please write to me and let me hear your thoughts. In Lak'ech
Thanks for these words Architect. Frankly, as coordinator of the project -and as a woman and mother spending 24/7 contacting people behind the scenes, writing articles, giving radio interviews and stepping out into the Spanish public arena to share info and insights I am disappointed to see so much disrespectful, pathetic bickering going on here- There are plenty of good voices with great ideas- but those that do not contribute in this way should question what they are intending by being so disruptive and if they TRULY care then to reflect about their comments and consider instead taking wise action in their community- which I add is what this project needs as a basis for moving forward. In Lak'ech
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 08:33:43
want to add - criticism is fine in my book; both necessary and very welcome- but what prevents us from keeping it constructive and respectful? Thanks
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 09:37:51
For me it is obvious the difference between the talkers and the doers. Kudos to you Lula, I don't think I could do what I do now if I had tried 10 years ago with child, job, and home! As much as I enjoy some of the information and opinions offered here I've found the "connectibility" somewhat unrealistic for my area. So instead I am connecting with those who live here. Have begun research into better recycling, getting the spring water freed of chlorine. Utilizing a natural water source for $ for the locals, encouraging the youth to participate in composting and starting a garden. Lots of other ideas as well. May even run for Town Supervisor. So the doers will do and everyone else will continue to argue, nicely or not.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 11:04:19
truth is not movement, nor it is stillness, it is omnipresent, formless and dimensionless, yet it still takes form and dimensions, out of will which some call love, spite, any...
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 17:40:33
Entire populations should be doing prolonged civil disobedience (not anarchism), boycott banks and corporations, turning off the news and tv and coming up with their own solutions to their problems. Would cuase a lot more trembling than one day of protest for only one thing, on a saturday. Peaceful protests are completely open to provocateurs.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 18:18:35
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