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I often find simple and clear explanations in these messages, [...]

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I often find simple and clear explanations in these messages, this one I love very much:

MARY MAGDALENE: Lead With Your Heart
September 16, 2016 | Author Mercedes Kirkel

Tarot Sun 2
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
In a Group Channeling Occasion

Question: I have a question about partnerships. How does one know when it is time to end a partnership?
Mary Magdalene: If you are in touch with your body and your emotions, that is your greatest guide. When you are in a circumstance that is no longer serving your highest good and it is no longer your soul’s calling to remain in that circumstance, you will start to have emotions come up that will indicate that you are not on course.

You will be resentful. You will most likely be increasingly angry. That is a guide to you, saying, “This isn’t the right circumstance any longer. You need to change.”

Anger is always calling for change. You will start to have anger arise. Depending on your personality and your quality, it might be very subtle. It might be quiet. Or it might be very pronounced. Different people experience anger in different ways. But if you are attuned, you will notice that your body and your emotions are telling you that this is not right, this is not supporting you any longer.
Do you understand that?
Questioner: I do, but if it is more complicated. If you feel that you bring healing to a relationship… I know anger, frustration… all those things happen in good relationships. And I’ve seen people stay in relationships and obviously they’re not finished with each other. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s a feeling of “I’m done” or “I’m not done.” I think when you really love someone, sometimes you love them more than your feelings.

Mary Magdalene: You must love yourself first. You cannot override your feelings to love another person. You love yourself through loving your feelings. This does not mean you can’t have pain come up in a relationship. You can bring that pain into the relationship and have it embraced by both people, in a way that brings you back into your open-hearted relationship and your open-hearted connection to the relationship.

It sounds like you are in a struggle between your mind and your heart. I don’t know if you are speaking personally, but I assume you are. It sounds like certain of your ideas about relationship are coming from your mind, while other things are coming from your heart, and they are not integrated.

You must be willing to let go of the ideas. The ideas are often based in fear. The ideas are often based on trying to replace God with your relationship, trying to replace God with the other person, whatever it is.

This is not an easy thing to see. It is a spiritual process for many people. Relationships are one of the arenas that this attempt to replace God shows up in, very strongly.

Your world is so attuned to coming from the mind, and you don’t know how to connect with the heart. You don’t know how to be in union with the mind and the heart.

The heart always leads. How can I say this… The natural progression is for the heart to lead. When it’s leading, your rational mind, thinking mind, and subconscious mind will relax and come to peace. It will become in service to the heart. Then your higher mind will open up.

This is truly what your heart is meant to be—in union with your higher mind. What you might call the lower mind (your thinking and subconscious mind) is a supportive function. But for most of you it has taken over the kingdom. And it is not serving you for that to be so. This can show up in your relationships, as well as in most any realm.

What is called for is a process of allowing your heart to become strong and full, so that your mind can relax and let go into the heart.

Questioner: Thank you.
Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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