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Chemtrails enquiries made - outcome: After noticing more spraying from June [...]

Peterborough, Peterborough
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Chemtrails enquiries made - outcome:
After noticing more spraying from June to date, as opposed to the regular Mon, Thurs and Sat spraying, there doesn't seem to be any local or official info on what is being sprayed and why. There are a wealth of individual sightings of them from Australia, throughout America and England posted on YT, along with the acknowledgement from independent media that they contain heavy metals, but mainstream tv, news and media don't seem to be mentioning them at all.
It was out of annoyance when noticing spraying was being done on a daily basis when the warmer weather started around June, that I decided to ring the environmental agency about them. Then the police. Followed by the met office. Then CAA and even the military aviation. Coincidently, they all told me that they are just contrails and it was the military avaition who were the most responsive to my enquiry by asking for aircraft details and time/date etc., although, they only deal with low flying aircraft of a max 2,000ft; which is quite alarming! More interestingly, the Civil Aviation Authority advised me to contact the Military and the Military also advised me to to contact the CAA. Bottom line is, neither of them seem to know that the sky is being sprayed or by whom. This got me looking further into contrails and found that Wikipedia claims that they can cause cloud formation except, high level cirrus clouds. This does not take into account the low level clouds that appear to have a uniform pattern about them, or why some aircrafts spray directly over the sun, which can feel noticibly hotter on some days, if you haven't noticed?
What I don't get most is that, whilst Wiki claims chemtrails are just a consipiracy, they discuss details on the weather modification programs under the guise of Cloud Seeding which is basicially akin to chemtrailling - is it not? There's also the fact that I've come across several UK and US websites that openly discuss chemical spraying - how bizarre!
So far in my online and on-ground search for chem-trail facts, it has been Harald Kautz-Vella who totally blew me away with his findings; artificial intelligence / morgellons / mind-control / black goo. It's all quite far fetched stuff, but he leaves the listener with a simple soultion rather than a doomsday note.
At this stage, I feel that the chemicials are either being sprayed because the atmosphere is no longer able to produce its own cloud after years of being exposed to toxic pollution, or the weather is being deliberately manipulated for political / corporate means. Either one, I intend to find out, somehow, so my next / last port of call is the local conservative MP Shailesh Vara, ideally in person at one of his surgeries, and soon, I'll let you know how it goes... In Lak'ech
Good going with all this. Speaking to all the people you have has also raised awareness (hopefully ) and they might start to question now
Monday 19 September 2016, 17:17:34
[deleted user]
Really appreciate your feedback Kerry! The aircrafts spraying the sky are too high to pick up on camera but will analyse what footage I have recorded so far, just in case.
Monday 19 September 2016, 17:45:42
zav has all the info you need. We are getting absolutely smashed here in Aus. Most people cant tell the difference between artificial clouds and natural clouds anymore
Tuesday 20 September 2016, 11:04:56
[deleted user]
Here's a couple of UK websites:…
and this is from the government website:…
Friday 23 September 2016, 12:00:59
[deleted user]
Have visited geo engineering website before, before the spraying got more noticeable here. The frequent grey dim of the sky is depressing as well as it is artificial and its almost impossible to be definitive about when a real cloud was last seen! Approaching an MP face to face about this is more of an attempt to make it stop... Find it hard witnessing it everyday without protesting publicly in some way. Thanks for replying zav.
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:03:16
[deleted user]
Carla - how are you? Thanks for gov PDF link. It doesn't say much does it? Very vague despite all the recorded evidence of the spraying and cloud forming going on, high medium and low level cloud. Contrails - pfff!
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:06:44
[deleted user]
It's a bit late for you to be up innit?
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:07:55
[deleted user]
I'm good thanks how you doing?
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:09:59
[deleted user]
Haven't logged in for a few days and after watching and reading about the effects of US's chemtrailing at the moment, just had to touch base with FCP family...
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:17:16
[deleted user]
Most of this summer there has been two layers of cloud. I've witnessed them move in opposite directions in a unnatural manner. Sometimes you can almost sense how and when harrp or whatever it's called is in motion. The animals sense it too
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:18:29
[deleted user]
They're really messing with nature aren't they Carla - we don't like it, nature doesn't like it... I find myself cherishing what bit of sunshine and blue sky I can and notice a very intrusive humming sound sometimes; I wonder if it's haarp signals?
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:28:55
[deleted user]
Yes yes agree I've identified 3 levels of humming
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:48:15
[deleted user]
Drives me nuts
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:49:03
[deleted user]
Plus an increase in shooting stars or fireballs. Just seen one now and two yesterday plus others. Feels like I can almost summon one at will lol
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 01:58:18
[deleted user]
Oh and loads of military helicopters flying in funny ways. Plus an increase of what I presume are drones even one of the local farms has got one and it's a professional bit of kit. They are incredibly intrusive and quiet. If I see his on my yard the last thing it will see is the end of my air riffle pointing at it😈 already had one right in the middle of my yard.
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 02:20:21
[deleted user]
3 levels of humming, interesting. I've noticed different volumes of hum (low, medium, loud). Wonder if its my own frequency I'm picking up sometimes, and/or the earth's...
Thursday 29 September 2016, 15:33:27
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