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A really important piece which clearly indicates Google is likely [...]

Torrens Island, South Australia
via The Full Circle Project
A really important piece which clearly indicates Google is likely to be part of a massive A.I. program which is aiding and abetting banks and obviously other tribe institutions in well calculated, and sometimes significant thefts of money from people's bank accounts which is all done in a way the AI program calculates will not get discovered and/or stopped by victims, even when the victims know the theft is taking place. This AI appears to cooperate in part with the GOOGLE search engine, which, with it's massive database of personal activity on everyone who uses it, appears to inform the theft A.I. when people do searches that indicate they know a theft is happening, and know enough to stop the theft and protect their rights. Only then will the A.I. back off and return things to normal, complete with return of all funds stolen, and removal of all online records that can show a theft took place and was reversed. This indeed happened to one man, and he can prove it with paper records of the thefts to put in contrast with the online records that show "nothing happened" to prove it.
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