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Illusion Is Over
So much promotion of wi-fi and people think it's great...i walk around with a t-shirt with a skull with wi-fi symbol
Saturday 17 September 2016, 23:42:22
great idea ! where can I find one ?
Saturday 17 September 2016, 23:55:46
Illusion Is Over
Found the image online,e-mailed it to local t-shirt printing shop...they said it wasn't best resolution image but were able to work with it,but still looks fine…
Tuesday 20 September 2016, 13:24:38
[deleted user]
There's something not quite right about this Barry fellow considering he has known about the harm microwaves cause but has managed to sit around and talk about this fact for how long - decades??

Then, as a solution, he says "leave it to the experts to deal with - you'll only lose everything if you get involved". His advice borders upon psychological abuse and is basicially making us wait for microwaves to be made safe while we fester with the side effects as profits sore - i'm left alarmed by this.... we need more than just a t-shirt, but its a start, I suppose
Tuesday 20 September 2016, 14:26:28
Illusion Is Over
He doesn't rub well with me either...he says 45 countries are using it...but he has to realize most if not all of those countries are under control of the nwo and these weapons with be used on the citizens..not each other.
Tuesday 20 September 2016, 15:23:49
[deleted user]
This is the second interview I've watched of his, the first one was with Richard Hall although, Richard's one was aired 3 years later, August 2016 to be exact, but there's obviously no movement made on making them safer, just the roll out of smart meters instead - not good
Tuesday 20 September 2016, 15:58:19
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