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What are you waiting for? If I were you I [...]

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What are you waiting for? If I were you I would release the information (and this article hints you want to). Mike, what is the point of this unless you release information you know. Jeez! It's certainly unbelievable what you have done. NaturalNews hmm. Why?…
I don't know the % but physicians won't let their family members take chemotherapy.
Likewise, Japanese farmers who heavily spray their fields with horrible chemicals won't eat such products. They have a small lot for their own consumption where they don't use such chemicals.

Maybe the founder/owner of the company in question was either stupid or honest to consume his own products.
Friday 16 September 2016, 00:34:33
It beggars belief with what we are commercially consuming.
Friday 16 September 2016, 00:41:19
Remember Jewish-owned TESCO, out of whose sausage a couple found a human tooth?
Friday 16 September 2016, 02:39:28
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