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PLEASE READ ME!!! Waddup guys!! Listen, we all know that [...]

Paris, Île-de-France
via The Full Circle Project
Waddup guys!! Listen, we all know that something is terribly wrong with the world today and that most of our world's governments if not all of them, are corrupt and we all want to see change. I mean, that's why we all joined the Full Circle Project, right? We all know that our world is being destroyed all around us everyday. We know that so many people around the world are suffering, starving, and/or dying of curable diseases and that we are being tampered with in practically every way. These are indisputable FACTS! Let us not forget about them just because they are not being reported to us on mainstream. So what's causing these problems? The answer is corrupt legislation made by our corrupt employees in power who have absolutely no regard for the people they're supposed to be managing and who are puppeteered by the banksters at the top. We trusted these criminals to look after us which is what they are not doing! This is evident by the slavery system they force us into and by what they allow corporations to do to our planet. So we need to address government because government is the root cause of most, if not all of the world's problems. So how do we do that? I believe one way is by simply not complying anymore. Let's plan on enacting such a day when this happens. First let's get the date set, next we should spread the word like wildfire to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. Even if we are not successful on this particular date, we can have other global non-compliance days just like it. We should have as many as we can and when we do, we will wake up more and more people every time and inspire hope. Without people's participation in this system, the machine simply breaks down. Having unity is the key and all I'm attempting to do is offer an idea on how we can unite and get out of this mess we are in currently in and to get the ball rolling on fixing it. To me, the question is not, "should we have a day of global non-compliance" but rather, "why shouldn't we have one?" And hey if this doesn't work, oh well, at least we tried and we will learn from it and grow and produce new ideas and if anyone out there has any better ideas that will work, I'm all ears. So can we all agree upon a set date and GET BUSY ON MAKING THE CHANGE HAPPEN or will we just not even try, simply talk about it and do nothing? We now have the Full Circle Project, which links us all up GLOBALLY so we can have that day of GLOBAL non-compliance. Thanks to Max, such an event is now in our grasp and very possible to achieve! I would like to have everyone's input on this as well as people's suggestions for a possible DATE for when this event can take place, so please message me and let me know what you think. In Lak'ech!!
Mark R
I think it would be a good idea if we could conduct surveys on this site. Basically, use radio buttons or similar to determine what members favor or oppose. Thinking along the lines of global non-compliance, we need to build an online survey that asks "What are your preferences or priorities regarding global non-compliance"? We generate a list of options that could be items such as keeping children out of school, not paying taxes, refusing to engage in television or purchase newspapers. The list is quite endless. The point is that we collectively create list of perhaps 25 options and then try to vote on the top 5 or 10. The idea is good, but we need to start somewhere and we need a solid foundation. Once we find out what areas we are in non-compliance of, the puzzle starts to form and the road becomes more clear.
Sunday 13 September 2015, 22:37:58
Eternal Mystery Unveiled
A very direct plan, I like it. However we also need to spread awareness of the whats whys and hows of the many lies that perpetuate our experienced society (wake-up the sleeping masses). Many of these misconceptions include the roots of money, of religions, and of authority (all encompassed in the interference theory of human origins by Mark Passio). We need to design booklets and flyers about the provably objective truth about true sovereignty & true Anarchy (self governance), similar to what Thomas Pain did in his day. Also we should hold screenings of thought-provoking movies like "They Live" and relevant presentations by real educators like Santos Bonacci, Mark Passio, Max Igan, Loyd Pye, and Michael Tsarion (and others which we can all agree upon through collective and individual deduction). Once people truly understand why we are in the situation we're in, then a nation-wide (and eventually a world-wide) non-compliance day will truly flourish in all it's glory. Once Natural Law is common knowledge, then we may also educate the public in various forms of self-defense in case of a violent retaliation from NATO supporters, as well as infiltrators ready to disarm the governments that are loyal to NATO and their backwards ideologies. We the people need to learn from our enemy by becoming as organized and focused on shattering the chains of oppression in all there forms (psychically, mentally, spiritually). Nobody is free unless all life is free, this must replace moral relativism if we wish to progress as a species.
Monday 14 September 2015, 00:13:35
Great idea Mark. I think it would be good to get some parameters around it, as the list of what is possible is quite endless! I for one would love to get out of paying taxes & government enforced fines!!! I recently got fined $176 AU for not voting in a state election!!! I received a "registered debt" enforcement Order in the mail last week. On the back of this notice was the following " what happens if I do not pay the fine.
Monday 14 September 2015, 03:47:14
sorry ...i continue on my "rant of the week" slightly off point ..but i have to share! They can do the following " suspend my drivers licence, direct my employer to deduct funds from my pay/bank account, register an interest over property, immobilise my vehicle, seize and sell your property, issue a warrant for my arrest!!!!! I mean does it get any clearer about what monsters & absolute thugs government is.
Monday 14 September 2015, 03:50:18
This kind of thing realy hits them where it hurts. We need all to be standing in the same moral ground. Still a lot of waking up to do. I don't think it's advisable to remove all compliance, maybe if 80-90% agree to a particular action for a more lengthy period of time would send a message. But if we have a consistent method, we can do this how many times are needed.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 19:19:26
For starters everyone is free to remove their money from the banks, theoreticaly.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 19:21:55
Agree Solid Tiger..and consistency is the key I think. We can't let up! :)
Wednesday 16 September 2015, 01:26:38
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