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Come on people, get out from behind your keyboard [...]

Stevenage, Hertfordshire
via The Full Circle Project
Come on people, get out from behind your keyboard and get together PHYSICALLY! that's what this website was made for, otherwise it's not fit for purpose. If i wanted to just post stuff, I'd use a better social network than this one. The safety of communicating electronically is over, we've been there for too long while the Powers-That-Be have been manipulating us. Now it's time to embrace one another, stand in strength and unity together, and become a force to be reckoned with, as we were meant to be. Don't be's THEM who should fear US!
Mat Dowle
Absolutely agree Dale. Local physical meetings was always the primary of this web platform. This "status feed" page was only added afterwards as an extra feature, but it mustn't become the main focus here. Please everyone, use the map on the "connect" page to find people close to you and make a real effort to physically meet. If anyone has any good ideas of how to improve the platform here to help people connect, please let me know. It may be just a case of giving some step by step instructions to help people understand the main purpose of the site.
Friday 11 September 2015, 13:16:04
Friday 11 September 2015, 16:01:27
don't split on "us and them" that is ridiculous and it is provoking what you try to terminate. I don't want to narrow now about my personal insights, however neither I will go into victim mentality, things and beings as unrefined as it seams can't be moved with such trumpets of lets go, or "awake" or, this is the path, there is no such thing, there is no thing at al. you say "get together PHYSICALLY" really? I don't consider myself enlightened but what I see around me, locally, regionally, makes me feel like alien to all, you cant push like they push and pretend you aint pushing. all things in due time, impatience is hard, I feel it most all the time, but rushing into mob mentality aint fixing anything either. You might even think I m docile or dormant for saying so, I m just sharing perspective that I wish wasn't true, and that it could be easier, I came to pity all this existence, love too, it is granted, but from it I just see that for "things" to get "desired" path beside presence not much can be done. granted I plant tree every now and then, try to be frugal with given and sharp dreamer, however time as construct and granted powerful one can't put what is not for in any exact moment, be patient, wise, don't despair over numbers or actions, all in due time, there is exactly enough moments for everything to pass..
Friday 11 September 2015, 17:18:42
Dale of the Weald
Well, although I may agree on some of your points in principle, it was not my intention to troll or to offend. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling in as plain a language as possible so we can maybe discuss the issues that you raise face to face, as it were. I'm as frustrated as anyone else, but not everyone is on the same level of "awakening".
Saturday 12 September 2015, 12:47:40
[deleted user]
Yeah man ^^^ Too many sheep and new age religionists knitting jumpers on TFCP....
Saturday 12 September 2015, 19:22:20
to be truthful to the best of my abilities at the moment, none is really awaken, and all it takes is one. physical, material and other trinkets trickery is time consuming illusion. relying quite too much on sense that created this mess in the first place, among fear and desire trouble with letting go and other absurdities, I do not consider myself religious at all, nor new (c)ager, but neither I m entropy slave into struggle me and few against the world, noble fight granted, fake indulgent too. if it depends on perspective I always reserve right to have no perspectives, under present circumstance pleasant and otherwise it may see this or that but circumstances change so as present. thus many grassroots movements have turned into struggle in despair about so many things, including trying to breath air into corpse of it s struggle. it can all be done with smile on the face, I feel no desire at all for rage, fear, hate or false led narrative of awakening and liberation. All that is quite private actually more then secret societies and usurpers of this planet, and there dear you can't fool one's path
Sunday 13 September 2015, 03:08:56
granted some may know more or less of psyops taking place here for ages, setups and bar code chains on merely anything, so what, more atrocities witnessed by the day, changes nothing, raising voice either, who goes there goes on their own, sleepers are offended with truth of any type like is some kind of plague. such are conditioning, delusions rooted into construct perspective, none of it is real anyway...
Sunday 13 September 2015, 03:14:06
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